The Rock, Copenhagen - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As we entered the cavernous concerthall of The Rock this fine Monday evening I was a bit chocked to see that there were only about three other persons than us who had arrived. And we thought we were going to be late!
However, by the time Svölk entered the stage, about an hour later, a few more had managed to get there. We were still far from crowded however, which might be because another metalband, Anathema, was in town on the same day.

Svölk originates from the deep backwoods of Norway (or the streets of Trysil, as some may claim), where they spend their time hunting bear, tending their bangs and playing dirty rotten rock’n’metal.
Here in Copenhagen they let the picturesque sound of birdsong and sheep in pastures soothed our souls... Until the bear came!
After this tragic encounter, Svölk quickly picked up the reins and steered us through their world, doing their best to get the assembled crowd warmed up before the main act of the night, Hail!.
Even though they gave it their best shot, and had a great atmosphere going on up on the stage, people were fairly slow to react, and only started to loosen up a long way into the set. There Svölk got a firsthand taste, pardon my pun, of our Danish hospitality as a (possibly) intoxicated female member of the crowd grew some nerve and left her friends behind to go up and grab singer Knut Erik Solhaug straight between the legs. If this had any impact on the performance at all is hard to tell, but it did seem the Norwegians had a very good time in our fair city. As always, we were complimented on our good looking girls and tasty beer.

In translation, Svölk means something like beating or kick ass, and it’s easy to see why they would choose such a name. Their groovy performance, in combination with a generous intake of the aforementioned beverage, left me with a warm feeling inside and a want for more kick ass music.


Time For The Dying
The Anchor
Sweet Agony
Miss Alcohol
End Of Days
12 Times The Pain
This Is It


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