Loppen, Christiania - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The Svartsot members were looking extremely hot this night, and it wasn’t just because of the warm temperature at the venue either...

Just a short while ago, Huldre had gotten everyone warmed up for a night of folk-metal, which in itself was a good thing of course, the only downside was that several of the visiting people where outside, cooling down when it was time for Svartsot to take the stage as the main act of the night.
That didn’t stop Svartsot from making a crushing entrance however, and with the help of Havfruens Kvad they promptly got the remaining audience up on their feet and swinging their legs and hair.
After a while, the rest of the crowd came back and joined in, completing the party in a great way, and raising the heat of the place even more.
Svartsot themselves were certainly also in on the party idea, and even though the stage at Loppen isn’t very large, preventing them from moving about too much up there, it didn’t stop them from interacting with the crowd whenever the opportunity arose; as for example during Lokkevisen where Hans-Jørgen Martinus Hansen spent his break from playing by going down to the floor and joining arm in arm with a headbanging line which had formed in front of the stage. He was back up again in time for playing a short melody section of Oh Susanna as an intro for the next song, Kromandens Datter.
It wasn’t just the band who interacted with the crowd however, at one point I saw Nanna Barslev (vocals, Huldre) joining the crowd and filling up a beer-horn which she handed to the band. Actually, drinks were handed everywhere; Martinus Hansen was generous with the crate of beer standing behind him, and even main man Cris J.S. Frederiksen was seen pouring beer directly from the bottle and into the throat of someone in the audience.

On the subject of the band; some of you may or may not remember that I have had my opinions about vocalist Thor Bager in the past, but I would like to consider myself open-minded enough to change my opinion when called for, and this night called for it in a loud voice indeed. Never before have I heard the man sound so good, and in addition to this he even performed well! Still not a fan of him throwing off his woollen vest though…
Bager was not the only one pulling on the vocal chords this evening though, friend of the band Sander Josephsen (Crematoria) was invited to share in on Tvende Ravne, where he delivered the higher pitched parts quite well. He, and a heck of a lot of others from the crowd, were also present and loud during the chorus to Gravøllet, which was set to be the grand finale of the night. However…

As had been the case for Huldre, the audience was greedy for goodies, and yelled for more, even after the planned encore came to an end. Luckily, no one seemed to take closing-time seriously this night, and the band decided to come back on stage a third time, this time to play a song not even rehearsed or planned for the show, but one we know and love so well anyway; Havets Plage.
As a little something to turn something special into extra special, Martinus Hansen got to play on Frederiksen's guitar as an intro, and that's good entertainment!

I think it is great when bands play real encores, it shows a dedication and care for the fans, and it’s a definite plus in my book.
So, all in all, this was one kick-ass Svartsot show, and I wish for more of its kind in the future.


Havfruens Kvad
Højen På Glødende Pæle
Skovens Kælling
Kromandens Datter
Spillemandens Dåse
Tvende Ravne
Laster Og Tarv
På Odden Af Hans Hedenske Sværd
Skønne Møer
Havets Plage

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