Tilbage Til LIVE - 2021

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Headlining the Tilbage Til LIVE event was none other than Suspekt, a well chosen outfit given the overall style of the event as well as the general crowd that was present.

We of course know Suspekt for their quite extravagant shows at Grøn Koncert through some years, shows that we have quite enjoyed so far, so of course we were hoping for another blast of heavy hip hop with a good dose of showmanship - again, not exactly music that fit this site, but their performance lift them up to a level that make them impossible to ignore.

This mindset made it doubly surprising to see that this was a completely scaled down show. Only the main band, Rune Rask, Andreas ‘Bai-D’ Bai Duelund, and Emil ‘Orgi-E’ Simonsen, were on the stage before us; no live musicians, no special stage setup. Well then.
Well, the band members are good performers, regardless of what they surround themselves with, no doubt about that. They’re the type of band that show a love and enjoyment of hitting the stage, and the full crowd was backing them up to the fullest.
Again, I’m no expert on their discography, but it was clear that Suspekt were pulling songs out of their most popular bag, with the self-titled S.U.S.P.E.K.T., the ever romantic Sut Den Op Fra Slap and Bollede Hende I Går, and many others, of which I don’t have all the names. It was easy to see the effect it had on the people around me though, who were singing and dancing along to the tunes.

Suspekt weren’t completely out of tricks either, even though they were, as I mentioned, scaled down from earlier experiences. They were having fun drinking champagne out of the bottle, sharing it with the crowd (maybe not the best idea during COVID times), and in one song, Orgi-E rolled out a wheelbarrow filled with booze and fireworks (always a good combo, those two).
Neither were Suspekt completely alone on stage, regardless of my previous statement. Sure, they were for most of the time, and there were no live musicians or bartenders on stage with them, but for a select few songs, they brought in other vocalists. Notably Tobias Rahim for his song Dø I Norden, and Theresa Ann ‘Tessa’ Fallesen (who’d played a successful gig earlier in the day) for her song Blæstegnen, as well as Vil Du Med…
All of this, of course,to the continued and loud approval of their onlookers.

If it was due to expectations, or me just not being into it this day, I just didn’t feel this show properly. You know, maybe Suspekt don’t need all the theatrics of previous fame, but I miss it. It was fun, and it helped set the band apart, underlining their bad-ass attitude. I hope to see it back someday.

Setlist (incomplete):

Mer Prestige Mer Pastis
POPO (Lad Mig Se Den Igen)
Sut Den Op Fra Slap
Dø I Norden (Tobias Rahim cover, feat. Tobias Rahim)
Bollede Hende I Går
Vil Du Med… (feat. Tessa)
Blæstegnen (Tessa cover, feat. Tessa)
Hun Blev Bare Så Glad
Kinky Fætter
Jeg Har Det Fedt

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