Grøn Koncert, Valby - 2022

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

10 days ago, I wrote in my review of Carpark North that they opened the Grøn Scene (main stage) on the first day of Grøn Koncert.
Now, 10 days later, I might as well open the review by writing that Suspekt closed down the Grøn Scene on the last Grøn Koncert show of the year, here in Valbyparken.
The sun was still blazing hot, and the open field in front of the stage was filled beyond comparison with sweaty and scantily clad music fans and party goers, ready to rock.

“Valby, you are beautiful and you are many!”
- Emil ‘Orgi-E’ Simonsen (vocals)

I mean, c’mon. It was impossible to get even near the stage, there were so many fans gathered here. Nothing I had seen earlier in the day had prepared me for this level of pressure. No freakin’ wonder Suspekt were finally not only playing but also headlining the main stage of the festival - after many years of service, they proved beyond a doubt that they had earned this honour.

Of course, Suspekt wasn’t about to let anyone down either. After building suspense and momentum by having the kinky fætter himself, Jacob Haugaard, and his wheelchair bound partner in crime, to get the crowd in on whispering, saying, and finally shouting “Sus! Sus! SUSPEKT!” over and over again, Ogri-E, Bai-D, and Rune Rask finally took the stage to loud cheers and applause, and kicked us off with Mer Prestige Mer Pastis; an interesting choice, given the slow, lowkey beat it’s built on. One would have imagined a faster track would have been a more obvious choice, but to their credit, the song worked perfectly to get the party going. And of course, later we would get some faster blasters as well.
Proletar (Hvor Jeg Står) followed this up, or so it would seem, but the song had barely gotten underway, when it looked like the power went out - the music was cut off, and the lights in the stage decorations went out. For a moment, the band looked confused at each other, and then the stage filled up even more than it already was (the band had brought out several of the volunteers of the festival already for the song), with a bunch of people looking to be in a splendid mood. They were carrying a large, framed picture depicting a festival audience, and in the sky above was the Suspekt band logo - yes, you know what’s up, Suspekt was awarded the “Respekt” award, given to the artist on the tour, the Muskelsvind Foreningen (Muscular dystrophy foundation) felt has done most to shed a light on the cause. Just like they did back in 2016, the first time we saw them at Grøn Koncert. And just like they did in 2018 as well, the last time before this that we saw them at Grøn Koncert.

It was easy to see that this moved the boys in the band, understandably so, and it made them return even stronger when the power finally came back on for them, and they could continue the song.
This power furthered the party in the crowd even further as well. Heck, the fences were at a risk of falling over, that’s how high the pressure was - the band had to ask everyone to take a couple of steps back and take care of each other to avoid accidents, that’s how high the pressure was!
People were happy to sing and shout along to every song, and things certainly didn’t get dampened when Suspekt began bringing guest artists in as well. Still no Tessa for Blæstegnen for some reason, Christopher came out to loud cheers for Søndagsbarn, and Emil ‘Langefar’ Lange came out for his two cover songs, 10 År and En Tur Mer’, and later again for Kinky Fætter. 10 År especially got a good sing-along, where Lange sang his line “Piger kommer op til mig og jeg spø’r hvad vil I ha’?” and the crowd shouted back to him, “Emil Lange”.

“You know I only run on port wine and scooters!”
- Emil ‘Langefar’ Lange (vocals)

10 days ago, I wrote in my review of Suspekt that some might say that it was about damned time that this band got to play the main stage of Grøn Koncert.
Now, 10 days later, I might as well close the review by writing that Suspekt have earned their spot not only on the main stage, but as the headlining band of the entire festival, and their “Respekt” award. Well done, boys, well done.

Setlist (incomplete):

Mer Prestige Mer Pastis
Proletar (Hvor Jeg Står)
POPO (Lad Mig Se Den Igen)
Søndagsbarn (feat. Cristopher)
Sut Den Op Fra Slap
100% Jesus
Egyptian Chef (Rune Rask cover)
10 År (Emil Lange cover, feat. Emil Lange)
En Tur Mer’ (Emil Lange cover, feat. Emil Lange)
Bollede Hende I Går
Blæstegnen (Tessa cover)
Hun Blev Bare Så Glad
Kinky Fætter (feat. Emil Lange)
Knepper Dig Til Techno
Jeg Har Det Fedt

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