Grøn Koncert, Amager - 2018

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Suspekt took us by quite a surprise when we saw them at Grøn Koncert two years ago. Now they were back, and so were we - both ready for more.

“It’s a maiden voyage today! This is our fifth time at Grøn Koncert, but our first time on Tiøren!”
- Emil ‘Orgi-E’ Simonsen (vocals)

After the suspicious curtain that covered the stage fell, we could feast our eyes on a stage setup similar to, but not identical with, the one from last time. There was no bartender this year, but on the other hand, the returning Mercedes had gotten a fully functional, top-tuned, four cylinder beer tap installed in the motor room. A beer tap that was frequented often enough by all sorts of people who would walk in from the side of the stage to get a drink, and then walk off again.

There were also those who didn’t walk off, primarily the entity known as Suspekt - Orgi-E (vocals), Andreas Bai ‘Bai-D’ Duelund (vocals), and Rune Rask (producer) - as well as what I assume is a live addition to the band in (and I apologise in advance for not finding these names) a guitarist, two drummers, and a keyboard player. Said guitarist started the show with wearing a gasmask, but dropped this stunt quickly, probably due to the extreme heat of the day, which can only have felt ten times worse within that rubber enclosement…
The heat wasn’t holding back on the performance though, where Orgi-E and Bai-D were constantly on the move, constantly doing something to grip the audience - the guitarist was also putting in a fine effort, but there was no doubt as to whom the frontmen of this outfit were.

“Amager, can we fuck with you tonight?!”
- Orgi-E (vocals)

Giving it all for the audience was obviously the name of the game. Suspekt packed a whole lot of songs into their set - I don’t know if their songs in general are short, or if these were shortened versions, but they managed to cram more in than the other bands we saw, and it wasn’t because they had a longer stage-time. They weren’t even the main attraction! Or, correction - they weren’t the headlining act, but judging from the response they got, they may just as well have been the main attraction of the day! But I digress.
There were several songs I recognised from the last time, songs which I suppose can be considered staples of the band - the popular sing along song S.U.S.P.E.K.T., Kinky Fætter which was so popular it was played twice (in different versions), and the crowd-winning Proletar (Hvor Jeg Står) which was fittingly placed as the set closer - going out with a bang with all the free voluntaries of the festival up on stage and partying with the band.

Suspekt had more tricks up their sleeve than this though - there was the beer-bong contraption used in Få Din Flask’ På, the guy being live-tattooed on stage (I believe he got the word proletar made on his arm, but I may be mistaken, it was hard to catch in all the surrounding going ons), and not in the least the guest appearance of D-A-D’s Jacob Binzer on solo guitar in Amore Infelice. I could go on, Suspekt was doing so much, but I guess you got the point - Suspekt was really bringing the performance to Grøn Koncert!
After what had been a slightly disappointing D-A-D concert, this energy kick was sorely needed, and it was easy to tell from the audience’s enthusiastic response, that everything Suspekt did, was loved by everyone present.
For my own part, I missed the surprise gut-punch the band gave me last time, when I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is one of the liveliest and best performing live-acts of Denmark today. I’m still ready for more.


100% Jesus
Kinky Fætter (short version)
Amore Infelice (feat. Jacob Binzer)
Bollede Hende I Går
Helt Alene
Søn Af En Pistol
Hæld Op
Få Din Flask’ På
Sut Den Op Fra Slap
Klaus Pagh
Kinky Fætter
Hun Blev Bare Så Glad
Proletar (Hvor jeg Står)

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