Grøn Koncert, Amager - 2022

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Sixth time playing Grøn Koncert, first time playing Grøn Scene.
Some might say it was about damned time Suspekt, who’s been the mayor crowd magnet for years now when they play Grøn Koncert, would move up to the main stage of the touring festival - not in the least the band themselves.
Judging from the packed crowd waiting for the show, Suspekt weren’t the only ones thinking this either…

“I just knew Amager would be lit like a bonfire tonight!”
- Andreas ‘Bai-D’ Bai Duelund (vocals)

Suspekt wasn’t bringing the super over-the-top stage setup that we came to know them with back in the day, but neither were they bringing the completely scraped to zero show we saw them with last year. Covering Rune Rasks DJ equipment, and hanging from the ceiling, were several large LED boxes, covered in steel wiring. They looked pretty cool to begin with, but were absolutely putting a final finish on the show once they were in use.
So we were back with a bit more show-off attitude, and I liked it.
What I wasn’t as much of a fan of, was the lyrical universe we’re treading here. Sure, I’ve known about the content all along, but it comes more to the forefront, when there are less distractions, like today. Maybe I’m just old, but I like the more mature lyrics, the ones that deal with life, society, politics, more than the ones that are firmly placed below the waistline.

Let’s be honest though, this is a sentiment not shared by your average Grøn Koncert visitor, who loves nothing better than to belt along to Sut Den Op Fra Slap, POPO (Lad Mig Se Den Igen), or Kinky Fætter, among many others. And to their joy, Suspekt both have a great deal of songs in that style, and they had brought many of them with them on the setlist for Grøn Koncert.
Still, there is some sort of social consciousness here as well. Suspekt, as the only ones I saw, did something to shine a light specifically on the cause this was all in support of, Muskelsvindfonden. For their first three songs, they had a lot of the people behind this, and workers at the festival, up on stage with them, and not just like another prop. They were allowed to, in the amount that they could, dance and jump to the music, and Emil ‘Orgi-E’ Simonsen danced (well, let’s call it that) with a wheelchair bound girl.

“Is there anyone on Amager who wants to fuck us right now to this song?!”
- Orgi-E (vocals)

More than that, Suspekt were back with a few more tricks up their sleeves when it came to the performance as well. Apart from the fact that all three men of the band were completely focused and lit, rocking the stage every minute they were on it, and using the bigger stage to the fullest, they also had a guest artist. Surprisingly, it was not Tessa, even though they played Blæstegnen and she was present at the festival. Interestingly, she had played earlier in the day, had played the same song, and at that time no one from Suspekt had shown up either - maybe someone can explain this to me?
But back to the guest artist. In comes a guy on a motorized wheelchair; not only motorized, but pimped out like it came straight out of a Mad Max movie - except for the gimp hanging on the front, which was unexplainably missing…
The guy turned out to be Emil ‘Langefar’ Lange, long time DJ who’s recently stepped out to the front of the stage, somewhat aided by the guys of Suspekt. He rapped with the band with his own songs 10 År and En Tur Mer’, which feature Orgi-E and Bai-D respectively. After this, he drove off in his wheelchair again to the sound of Bollede Hende I Går, and with a nurse on his lap, that they’d pulled out of the crowd.
Later in the set, Langefar would return to help out on Kinky Fætter, because he felt certain it was about him.
There was also a guy in a doctor’s coat present to check on Langefar’s health, and later he came back and filled up drinks for Suspekt.

“Respect to Muskelsvindfonden, respect to all the volunteers here, and respect to all of you who have shown up!”
- Orgi-E (vocals)

So while the music of Suspekt and I are drifting further and further apart, I will once again give them that they are one hell of a driven and energetic force when it comes to performing, and I liked much of what they brought in their delivery and show.


Mer Prestige Mer Pastis
Proletar (Hvor Jeg Står)
POPO (Lad Mig Se Den Igen)
Sut Den Op Fra Slap
Egyptian Chef (Rune Rask cover)
10 År (Emil Lange cover, feat. Emil Lange)
En Tur Mer’ (Emil Lange cover, feat. Emil Lange)
Bollede Hende I Går
Blæstegnen (Tessa cover)
Vil Du Med…
Hun Blev Bare Så Glad
Kinky Fætter (feat. Emil Lange)
Knepper Dig Til Techno

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