Grøn Koncert, Copenhagen - 2016

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

While at Grøn Koncert to see D-A-D, we figured we’d check out what else this traveling mini festival had to offer. Well, not a hell of a lot it turned out, at least not going by what we look for. But there was this one band, the second to last (D-A-D was not surprisingly headlining) one of the night – Suspekt.

Now, Suspekt is definitely not what we usually go for either, at this site or in our life in general. They’re a Danish hip hop group consisting of Rune Rask (producer), Emil ‘Orgi-E’ Simonsen (vocals), and Andreas Bai ‘Bai-D’ Duelund (vocals), which debuted with a self-titled album back in 1999.
So, why are they here? That’s a really good question, one that can be answered in two ways.
The short answer, they were pretty fucking cool to hear and watch.
The long answer – Suspekt move in a very dark musical universe, both musically and lyrically, and that in itself fit with much of the music reviewed at this site. The live form of the group also sported a live guitarist and two drummers, which was pretty cool as well, and added both to the show and the music. Again, fitting for us. Finally, they showed up with a truckload of attitude, something some bands we’ve written about also have, and something the rest of them could clearly learn a thing or two from!
So, there you have it. Suspekt is here, learn to live with it.

We had actually seen Suspekt the day before as well, at Grøn Koncert in Næstved, but at that time, we had no idea what they were about. While Lunah was in shock by the lyrics, which more or less all of them have a parental guidance sticker taped all over them, I could see that there was something interesting there, without delving deeper into it at the time. Still, I helped convince Lunah into at least taking some photos of them here in Copenhagen, if for nothing else than to try something different. Coming out from the pit at the end of the show, she then duly declared that we were to review this at the site. A scary thought, as I hadn’t taken any notes or anything during the show. So, here goes…

Before Suspekt even took the stage, there was a huge Danish flag covering it, and before it dropped, the music began playing, and the large crowd went wild. When it finally did drop, it revealed a stage dressed mostly in black, with the gun/bird logo represented on either side of the stage, the musicians on different levels, forming a half circle with the drummers on the right (from our perspective), then Rune Rask and another computer guy in the middle, ending in the guitarist on the left. That wasn’t all though. In the middle, there was a large, black Mercedes, and between Rask and the guitarist, they had placed a bartender (with a bar), who throughout the show stood and mixed drinks, apart from a few times where he went to the front of the stage and helped with engaging the audience. How cool is that? From now on, all bands should have a bartender on stage!
Anyway, it was of course Orgi-E and Bai-D that were the centrepieces of the performance, and it was also they who stole the show, as well as the hearts and bras of the audience. Deservedly so, as they worked the stage and crowd perfectly. Orgi-E was at several times down in the security pit, standing on the fence to get in close contact with the fans, and during Bollede Hende I Går he invited a girl from the audience to join him for a ride in the Mercedes.
Suspekt also had a guest from another hip hop band up at one point. Benjamin Hav from Benal came in and performed his bands song Fri with them. Again to loud cheers from the audience.

To their credit, Suspekt was definitely the band that made most out of pulling attention to the point of Grøn Koncert – giving attention to Muskelsvindfonden (Muscular dystrophy foundation). They called out for a Denmark full of room for diversity – different sexes, different fucking skin colour, different fucking eye colour, and different conditions. They even had three girls, two of them wheelchair bound, up on stage for, Danmark I believe it was. Again, not an expert here.
Still, out of the performances that we saw, it made perfect sense to me that it was Suspekt that received the Respektpris (Respect award), given by the volunteers that run the festival to the band or artist that has helped out the most during the tour, to promote the cause and in other ways.

So, this was an attitude filled show, heavy and dark, delivered by people who care about others. Who gives a fuck what type of music they play? This is the way it’s supposed to be done, and I for one am glad we stuck our neck outside of our usual comfort zone. Even if I wasn’t informed that we were reviewing the band until after the show was done.

Setlist (incomplete):

Sut Den Op Fra Slap
Søn Af En Pistol
Proletar (Hvor Jeg Står)
Fri (Belan cover, feat. Benjamin Hav)
Bollede Hende I Går

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