Survivors Zero

Columbia Club, Berlin - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After the Hamburg show the day before, I wasn’t really expecting much from Survivors Zero, but boy was I proven wrong!

To start with, the Columbia Club stage and hall was much smaller than Markthalle, which for me meant I got a more intimate feeling from the show, which certainly worked in the Finnish death metallers’ favour. Also, the smaller stage worked better with their way of performance, even though it did get a bit of a crowded look at times.
What really rocked my world however, was the awesome sound that Columbia Club produced. The music sounded heavier, tighter and more brutal; all three a definite plus for the band. As Tommi Virranta’s deep guttural growl rang throughout the room, it was easy to imagine why this band had been picked as support for Hypocrisy.

As mentioned, the Columbia Club wasn’t really the largest place in the world; a normal midsize concert venue would probably be a more accurate description. This meant it most likely couldn’t take the same amount of people as Markthalle, but even with this in mind, or maybe more because of this, it certainly surprised me to see how far from filled the place was.
What people lacked in numbers, they made up for in action however. Ok, admittedly, this wasn’t the wildest bunch of people I’ve ever seen, but there were definitely a number of people on the floor who weren’t afraid to show their appreciation by letting their hair fly free. Some really put their backs into it, if you know what I mean...
The increasing response also prompted the band to try for a better connection, and as the show progressed bassist Tapio Wilska spent more and more time between songs to talk to the audience, sending little intros to the songs our way or just some general chat. Also Virranta chose to enter the forum, but when forgetting where they were in the set, he handed the word back to Wilska. Virranta did however get a good shout-along started during Jani Luttinen’s solo in Thorns Of Rapture.

The set seemed the same as the other day, even though they were now the only support act playing. It did make the whole thing feel a little more relaxed however, which weighed up for the lack of surprises.
Once again, the audience favourite was the cover of Kreator’s People Of The Lie, but I guess this is to be expected for such a new band...

I must admit that this is still a bit on the brutal side for my taste, and I still have some problems connecting with it, but the Columbia Club show showed vast improvements from what I had seen the day before, and I could see how people into this type of thing would probably enjoy a lot more than I did.


Armageddon Cult
Scavengers Of Christ
Bury Them Deeper
Lucifer Effect
I Am The Gun
Thorns Of Rapture
Trail Of Fears
People Of The Lie
Reclaim My Heritage
Embrace The Inferno

Survivors Zero

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