For Evigt Rock - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

SuperCharger was the last band to play the On The Run stage at For Evigt Rock in 2017, and apparently the festival had saved the best for last.

“I want you all to dance! Dance, my Danish friends!”
- Linc Van Johnson (vocals)

SuperCharger’s a high energy, high octane, high voltage rock n’ roll act from Copenhagen, but since recently with a German vocalist. Their music as well as their performance is wild, and pulls a lot of inspiration from the ‘Eighties giants of the genre, in who’s footsteps SuperCharger is now treading, and making their own mark.
Compared to what had played this stage earlier in the day, this was a leaps and bounds step up in attitude and performance. The small stage could hardly hold the band, as they were rocking out like they meant it. In between headbanging, I could spot a few familiar faces in the band - not people I know personally, but recognise from the local scene. Dennis Post (White Trash Presidents, ex-Star*Rats) was one not actually in the band, but helping out live nonetheless, and doing a good job with it. He’s helped the band out in the past as well, and you can see they’re a good fit for each other.

In front of the stage, we had a good crowd who were clearly into what the band was delivering – the biggest and liveliest crowd this day actually. For this stage anyway, it’s hard to compete with the headliners of course.
Still, when it comes to giving the people the rock they want, SuperCharger surely did what they could. While the musicians did their part in delivering one heck of a decadent rock experience, Van Johnson showed his worth by taking control of the entertainment between songs as well as the vocals during them – as the only non-Dane present it stuck out a bit that he spoke English, but I hardly think it bothered anyone, and he was quick to lead people into crowd-pleasing activities such as chanting along or rhythmically applauding the band on. Hell, he even went down into the pit and crawled up on the security fence at one point to more closely direct the audience in rocking along with the band.

The band itself gave a good, thought-through performance, even ending it in style with raised guitars and jumping. They may have been quite a bit dirtier and rougher than the other acts playing this day, but this was the pure essence of rock n’ roll, fitting perfectly with this type of event, and if anyone can’t see that, they don’t know what rock n’ roll is all about. Sure, it’s not exactly my thing, but I can only take my hat off in respect for a job well done.


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