Suicidal Angels

Metalcamp - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Wow, Suicidal Angels is one really hard touring band! I just realized this was the fifth time I saw them since only last year!

As usual, Suicidal Angels started out with a pretty small crowd standing waiting for them, but as the show went on more and more people gathered round to see what they were about, and as you should know from reading this site, old school thrash metal was their game and they’re happy to let people come and play with them.
This day was no exception, except for the fact that the band seemed more tired than usual, and more than once they ended up dropping the ball instead of throwing it hard in our necks like they should. During Search For Recreation vocalist/guitarist Nick Melissourgos called out for us that he needed our voices to help him along, but he never made room for a proper sing-along so it fell quite flat if you know what I mean. For The Pestilence Of Saints, he managed to start up a wall of death, but I’m pretty sure this was possible only because of the eager willingness of the fans...

And the fans did play an active role in this show. Even though the crowd was far from the largest one I had seen so far at Metalcamp, everyone in it were ready and willing to raise hell at this paradise! Moshing was a must in the front rows, and as I moved further back in to the hill later in the set, I saw a couple of guys going at it in a very small, but fun, circle pit.
A special greeting was also sent out from the stage, at least to some, as Melissourgos dedicated the final song of the day, Apokathilosis, to his ”Greek friends”. After the show, the entire band could also be found out on the field taking photos with a large group of fans. This was a very nice gesture indeed.

Still, I’m sad to say that it feels like the band is losing steam.
From the first time and on, this was certainly the most uninteresting concert I have seen by Suicidal Angels. There was no real enthusiasm from the bands side during the gig, and thus of course the show was equally boring to watch. If they are becoming tired of the road they should rather take a break from it than damage their own reputation.

Setlist (incomplete):

Reborn In Violence
Bleeding Holocaust
Dead Again
Violent Abuse
Search For Recreation
The Lies Of Resurrection
Vomit On The Cross
The Pestilence Of Saints
Suicide Solution

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