Copenhell - 2018

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

In order to enjoy the final show of a long day, we needed something energetic, something to keep us awake. Copenhell figured Soulfly would do the trick, and placed them on the Pandæmonium stage, at 1:30 a.m.

“Are you there?! Yeah! Tak, tak Danmark!”
- Max Cavalera (vocals/guitar)

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure Max Cavalera would be up for the task of keeping a whole festival (or as many as were still standing) awake at this hour, but for old times sake we decided to give it a go. And let it be said straight off the bat - I’m glad we did.
Seldom have I seen Max Cavalera as lively as I did here - he was jumping, shouting, being present, and it was great! Heck, he even gave us a taste of his berimbau skills as he opened Tribe by himself on stage, playing and singing the chant intro of the song to his heart’s delight.
Of course, the rest of the gang was lively as well, when on stage - Marc Rizzo has always been a cool and accomplished guitarist, and Mike Leon worked the bass well as well. Leon was new to us, as bass duties had been handled by Tony Campos the last time Soulfly visited Copenhell, back in 2012. At that time, David Kinkade had rocked the drums, but he had since retired from drumming, and it was now Max’s son, Zyon Cavalera, who stood for keeping the Soulfly machine in time. And how he did it! Getting local extra credits for wearing the Danish national football team’s shirt was one thing, but it was really his unparallelled energy that made him stand apart. Zyon Cavalera wasn’t the only one beating out the rhythm however, as the whole band got together, beating some sticks after Seek ‘N’ Strike. Yes, that sounds dirtier than it was...

Not surprisingly, all this worked wonders on the actually rather large crowd that had stayed up for the band. Straight from the start, or at least straight after the intro was over and the concert began, a party of near violent proportions began. People were using up all of their left-over energy, jumping along to the music, singing both when asked to and when not to, crowdsurfing and moshing wildly.
I do not exaggerate in saying that Soulfly had the honour of seeing the wildest crowd of the day.
I also do not exaggerate in saying that my chin was thoroughly dropped to the ground - this outlet of energy was not what I was expecting, and way above anything I’d hoped for. It was much livelier than it had been six years prior, and that’s not usually how these things go. Well, thank god they did this time!


The Dark Ages
Blood Fire War Hate
We Sold Our Souls To Metal
No Hope = No Fear
Seek ‘N’ Strike
Percussion jam
Back To The Primitive
Roots Bloody Roots (Sepultura cover)
Eye For An Eye

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