KB, Malmö - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Time for the second support band for Dia Psalma’s big farewell tour, and in comes a band with some striking resemblances to the first support band, Trash Amigos, in a way at least.
Both bands are quartets, both have the bassist as main vocalist, both bands play thrash metal and both bands sport a Dia Psalma member in their ranks.

With Snakestorm it was time for guitarist Pontus Andersson to show off what he’ll be spending his free hours away from punk stardom with, and for some reason thrash metal seems to be the only way to go after such an endeavour. The band may be calling themselves ”...the evolution of Elvis Presley” I must admit that I didn’t really feel that judging from what was coming out of the speakers as they played. A bit of early Metallica (Seek & Destroy lyrics ”say goodbye to the world you live in” appeared in one of the songs), and the attitude had a bit of Slayer feel to it. This was attitude driven thrash delivered straight from the groin.
The other members of the band count bassist (who for some reason was playing guitars live) Jesper Heijkenskjöld (whether or not he is part of the Noble Swedish family of Heijkenskjöld est. in 1761 I cannot say, but it isn’t the most common name in the world so there is a good chance he is), vocalist (and apparently live bassist) Johan Meiton, and last but not least the secretly named H(enrik?) Borg (who could also be seen very actively help out with stage-building and deconstructing between bands).

As I mentioned in my Trash Amigos review, KB was unusually well-filled already in time for the support acts, and as Snakestorm entered the room was even more filled than it had been for the pseudo-Mexicans, but still there was not much action going on in the crowd. A bit of applause and shouts were sent up to the stage between songs, but other than that Snakestorm did not reap much reward from the Malmö audience.
Not that it was for lack of trying though; the band was performing well on stage, Andersson and Heijkenskjöld delivering the liveliest performances, and the group as a whole worked well to deliver the goods with a lot of confidence and feeling.
Meiton even gave a convincing sales-speech as he urged the gathered mass to head on over to the merch-stand afterwards and pick up their promo as it ”only cost 20 crowns, and I know you have that!” (equals about $3). Why he didn’t mention the band’s debut full-length album Choose Your Finger I do not know though, maybe they hadn’t brought it along for the tour (I admit, I never checked).

Still, with all this thrashing beats being hammered at me, and with a seriously lively performance coming from a newly started support band, I still was not quite convinced, and for one reason; the songs.
Really, hard as I tried, I just didn’t feel connected at all with this; the songs came out sounding very much the same, and sadly, uninteresting. I do hope for the band that the albums versions fare better than this, but for now I carry very little hope of it.
One redeeming fact that must be mentioned though; drummer Borg uses a cowbell! The man should be given an award of some kind for bringing this long-time missed instrument back into rock n’ roll!


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