Slow Death Factory

The Rock, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Opening for The Haunted this night was another one of Aarhus' (Denmark) heavy boys, Slow Death Factory. Their music was an aggressive, heavy-as-hell headbangers delight, and the band was full of attitude, and seemed to have a great time on stage. Members hailing from such bands as Illdisposed, Barcode and Goat, they all had a lot of experience to pull from as well.
There was a large turn-out in the crowd as well this night, but with the exception of a few people in the front, it was a rather calm experience compared to the band.
No matter, the band gave it their all, and, for the most part, Søren Kirkegaard (vocals) was fun to listen to in between songs. There was that one low-point with the joke about homosexuals and women, but he did apologies for that later on, so...
There was also a round of applause for Morten Gilsted for molesting everyone's eardrums with his guitar problems. He also ended the last song with smashing his guitar to pieces against the stage floor, and throwing the remains out into the audience.

In my opinion, Slow Death Factory delivered the best and liveliest performance of the evening, with only one problem going against them, and since this problem was a poor lighting, with none of the big front lights turned on, you can't really blame the band for that, I suppose.


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Slow Death Factory

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