Vega, Copenhagen - 2016

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

I really didn’t know anything about Slægt before entering Lille Vega this night, save for the fact that they were supporting Primordial, and that they were going as an underground black metal band.

Great, I thought wearily, as I saw the burning sticks on incense on stage before the gig began, and then watched as four gloomy, malnourished, and pale men, barely out of their teens, wearing skin-tight clothing, ammo belts, and blood on the frontman’s face. It’s going to be one of those gigs.
And, true enough, as Slægt began to play, they immediately sounded like a typically generic black metal underground band. I was in the middle of preparing a well-sized yawn, when something took me by surprise though. A surprise? In underground black metal? Say it isn’t so!
But yes, there it was. Glaring me straight in my dumbfounded face. Slægt wasn’t the generic underground outfit I had dismissed them as at all! Well, ok, the underground part is probably intact, but they were in no way generic. Just as I thought I had them figured out, the tone of the thing changed on me. The band began embarking on a sound more related to a psychedelic ‘Seventies rock band, but still managed to dress it in the night-black leather of the Norwegian black metal scene. And deliver it like an indie rock outfit. Confused yet? I was.

Luckily, the members of Slægt seemed to have full control of their delivery and profile.
Anders M. Jørgensen flew about the stage with his guitar, often posing together with Oskar ‘Asrok’ Frederiksen, while the latter wasn’t tied up at the microphone.
Oscar 'Olle' Bergholz (bas) and Adam ‘Ccsquele’ Kjær Nielsen (drums) didn’t lack in delivery either, but for all their strengths, it was the two guitar wielders that stole the show.
It wasn’t a long show, and up in front the sound wasn’t all that (unless you adhere to the super lo-fi sound the trvest black metal), but the group made the most of it, and Asrok even spent the time to introduce the songs, which was a wise choice. Sadly, I didn’t catch any of them except for the last one, The Tower, because the band actually managed to create a relatively good response in the audience. Towards the end, there was a pretty good party going. No doubt they were among friends, both personally, and those who just liked the music.

Personally, I have a hard time making my mind up about Slægt, but I will say this – I was entertained. Damn well entertained.


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