Six Feet Under

Metalcamp - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Two years has passed since the bodies of Chris Barnes and his fellow band-mates were buried six feet under the Main Stage of Metalcamp, and now it was time to resurrect the corpses to let loose another dose of lethal death metal.

“It’s good to be back at Metalcamp”
Barnes shouted, and to shake of the rigor mortis, he began an insane headbanging almost before the music even had time to start, and the pace was immediately picked up by the large crowd gathered who opened up a great old moshpit straight from the get-go.
Throughout the gig, this incredible energy was maintained by the crowd, and I saw a great deal of crowd-surfers pass by overhead; this was so much wilder than anything Nevermore, who played before Six Feet Under, had managed to do.
Ok, so the band, with the clear exception of Barnes, wasn’t all that mobile… They were mostly standing in their designated spots, while still headbanging up a storm though. Nothing could keep Barnes in place though, it was as though all the compiled energy of the last two years had to be burned of all at once. With his extremely long dreadlocks, his windmill style headbanging could possibly be deemed a lethal weapon in some countries!

Admittedly, Six Feet Under and death metal in general has never really been my cup of tea, so it never reached the highest levels of pleasure for me, but just as the last time at this stage, I couldn’t help but get moved by the immense energy of the band.
What I was looking forward to, was a combined effort from Barnes and his old band Cannibal Corpse who were playing as the next band, but this never happened. I suppose corpses, no matter how lively they may appear, can only stand so much sun and heat, before being returned to the moist and dark earth. Who knows, maybe in two years time we will see them dug up once more to spread death and disaster over Slovenia.
Until then, stay alive and well, because you never know when you’ll end up Six Feet Under…

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