Sick Of It All

Copenhell - 2023

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

If there was one genre that was quite well represented at Copenhell 2023, it was hardcore and things close to it. With that in mind, it was fitting for one of the great old acts of the genre to be the real first band for us at the festival.
It is rather amazing that we haven’t already covered Sick Of It All here at Metalmoments, so it’s high time we got to do something about that.

“Are you ready to have a good time tonight? ‘Cause we came here to celebrate! Are you gonna celebrate with us tonight?! Then get your middle fingers in the air!”
- Lou Koller (vocals)

Sick Of It All came in hard on Hades, kicking up the dust as soon as they hit the stage. There wasn’t all that much time for talking as they moved quickly from song to song, but Lou Koller did manage to shout out a phrase or two in the quick changes.
Mostly though, it was music for all the money, and even above that, it was a blast of pure energy all the way through. The entire band was kicking ass, but none more so than guitarist Pete Koller - I am willing to bet actual money that he spent more time in the air during the concert, than he did on the ground!
It was mostly Lou Koller that got to try and invigorate the crowd, and get them in on the party.

“Aren’t you the land of the vikings? You’re in the shade! Let’s get it on!”
- Lou Koller (vocals)

As much energy as the band was pumping out, they did seem to have a hard time getting the response they wanted from the Copenhell crowd. There were a lot of people there to see them, no doubt about that, and there was a highly dedicated core of moshers in the middle, but apart from that, it was a surprisingly calm and well behaved crowd that stood watching Sick Of It All. Was it because it was the first day of the festival? Because it was still relatively early in the day? Who can tell? And it wasn’t for a lack of interest in the band, the crowd just wasn’t nearly as lively as the band itself.

“Are you ready? Are you ready?! Well, apparently we aren’t. Hold on. Hold on! Well, I don’t know any good jokes…”
- Lou Koller (vocals)

Sick Of It All delivered a killer opening (for us anyway) to Copenhell 2023, giving us exactly everything one could wish for from a true New york hardcore show. As mentioned, I just wish they’d had a livelier crowd to greet them, and get some of that energy going both ways.

Sick Of It All

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