Shotgun Revolution

Engage Festival - 2021

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Third band of the day, second for us, was a rockin’ new acquaintance for us - the Copenhagen outfit Shotgun Revolution!
They may be new to us, but the band’s been around since 2009, and has released four albums in that time - the latest one, the imaginatively named “IV”, came out just last year on vinyl, and this year on streaming services.

“Copenhagen, Kastellet! We’re a band with a few years to our name. We’ve played all over the world. We’ve played all over Denmark. But we’ve never played at Kastellet!”
- Ditlev ‘Dee’ Ulriksen (vocals)

Shotgun Revolution came on in baking sunshine to a slightly bigger audience than that which had greeted The Sandmen before them, and they pretty much directly threw themselves into a steady delivery of chugging rock n’ roll topped with a classic rock voice.
Apparently, or from what I can find, the band consists of four members - Ditlev Ulriksen (vocals), Martin Frank (guitar), Michael Venneberg ‘Tex’ Carlsen (bas), Kasper ‘Wallee’ Lund (drums) - whereas the rest are a form of live aid. My guess is that they are and or either good friends, or long-time collaborators in this way, as everyone had a chance to shine, and no one was visibly less important than anyone else.
There wasn’t much to be surprised by here, either musically or in the performance, but if on the other hand you’re a fan of, well, classic rock, you’d likely feel right at home in the band’s company. This type of music isn’t exactly for me, but I could see on the people around me, that the band was hitting home with at least parts of the audience, and there was a general appreciative swaying along to the music.

“Alright Copenhagen, now you know what it’s all about. Now we know each other.”
- Ulriksen (vocals)

Shotgun Revolution did work on engaging (pun intended) the Engage crowd; Ulriksen spoke a bit between songs, and at other times he incited his audience to clap along, or shout and show their fists, all of which was met with an appreciative but not overwhelming response. Lund on the other hand, tried his hands on some tricks with his sticks, but couldn’t catch it, so it turned to… Shit.
By the time the band reached their first encore song, I Don’t Care, the audience was sufficiently warmed and boozed up, to enthusiastically shout ‘OI’ on the frontman’s request, and when they threw in a bit of Black Sabbath’s Iron Man at the end of the final song, they even had me on board.

It’s not the band’s fault that they lie outside of my musical spectrum, but a show that was more engaging wouldn’t have hurt anyone. It wasn’t bad, just perfectly middle of the road.

Setlist (incomplete):

Black Angel
Fire In Your Eyes
The Last Goodbye
After The Storm
I Don’t Care

Shotgun Revolution

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