Shadows Fall

The Rock, Copenhagen - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Four bands were supposed to play this night; one, Marionette, had to cancel due to illness and another, Magnacult, we missed as we were waiting outside in line.
So, third band of the night and final support for Five Finger Death Punch, the Americans in Shadows Fall, were the first to greet us as we finally got inside the nearly filled up Rock; and that was one hell of a greeting!

I remember being very impressed with these guys last time I saw them, back in 2007 when they were supporting Machine Head, and so I was wondering how the show would transfer into this smaller club setting.
As it turned out, there was nothing to be worried about.
Shadows Fall delivered a kick-ass concert, which was started off once again in an unexpected manner; they used some melodic rock song (Bon Jovi I believe, though I could be mistaken) as an intro. Anyway, the poppy feelgood music set a tone for the show, and the band followed up on that in their own somewhat more brutal manner.
Vocalist Brian Fair was a versatile bomb of pure energy right from the start as he took control of the stage and the crowd; the rest of the band were again a bit calmer, but warmed up more and more as the show progressed. Towards the end I even saw a big old smile on the face of Paul Romanko (bass), and Jonathan Donais (lead guitar) worked his neck-muscles as he headbanged away to the heavy music.

Down on the floor things were as wild as they get in this place; arms were in the air, hair was swung, and a very large moshpit delivered blow after blow in time with the music.
But obviously the band wanted things to get even crazier, and when they opened their song King Of Nothing with a classic Pantera riff (due to bad memory and good beer I can’t tell you which one I’m afraid, though my guess goes to A New Level) they got what they were looking for. The mosh found new heights of intensity, and the general mood rose even further. Not that it was in a bad place to begin with...
Fair also wanted us to help him out in one song, A Public Execution, and instructed us to shout “Fuck It All!” every time he lifted his middle finger; this worked pretty well, and the more times he did it, the better the response became.

Another memorable, albeit a bit surprising, comment was when Fair at the end of the show shouted “Death to false metal!”. The odd thing about this, in my own humble opinion, is that I would suspect Shadows Fall themselves to fall under this category if you asked the originators of the expression, Manowar. Oh well, nothing wrong with that I suppose, as long as they know how to entertain, and that my friends is something Shadows Fall does with expertise! Although I must admit the music didn’t hit home completely with my personal taste, the show was one of the most energetic I have seen in a while, and I would definitely take the time again to go check these guys out live.


My Demise
Thoughts Without Words
Still I Rise
What Drives The Weak
King Of Nothing
Destroyer Of Senses
A Public Execution
Eternity Is Within
The Light That Blinds

Shadows Fall

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