Metaldays - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As Death Angel had provided a good musical start on the day, we felt like staying in the sign of thrash a little longer, and Sepultura was the perfect way to do so. At least, we were hoping they would be, but only time would tell.

“It’s great to be back here! We don’t have so much time so we’re gonna play as much as possible!”
- Derrick Green (vocals)

What Derrick Green put words to in that opening statement, is something I usually praise highly – less talking, more songs. But, it shouldn’t be kept so strict that it minimizes entertainment value either. Sepultura was walking a thin line this day, straying just a little on the wrong side silence.
Musically however, they were nowhere near a wrong line. Sepultura managed to get a lot of material played, even though they only had an hour to do so, and the material was well mixed from past to present, giving fans of every age something to be pleased about. Smart thinking.
So, if they weren’t talking, what were they doing to keep us entertained? Well, most of it lay in the deliverance of songs – Andreas Kisser was his usual cool self, and while Paulo Jr. displayed a good looking bass I don’t remember seeing before, it was still his calm yet groovy deliverance that was his strongest attribute. Derrick Green was a bit slow in movement, but helped Eloy Casagrande out with extra drumming in a couple of songs, Propaganda and Choke. Nothing out of the ordinary in any way, but it was sufficient to keep things moving along at an acceptable tempo.

“Hvala! We are celebrating 30 years of Sepultura, obrigado!”
- Andreas Kisser (guitar)

Out in front of the stage, there was quite a good deal of people gathered. Nothing extreme, but for the start of a show, it was certainly nothing to be ashamed of either. People usually comes a flocking after the show has begun here.
What surprised me more though, was how little the Metaldays crowd was getting into it. I mean, we were certainly warmed up by now, yet somehow there was only a small handful of people entertaining the idea of a moshpit, while the rest seemed content in viewing calmly without physical involvement.
It didn’t take longer than to the second song though, before I could see an increase in action, and the moshpit was steadily gaining in both size and momentum – this increase continued throughout the show, and towards the end, I was once again seeing that same level of dedication that I had seen during Death Angel just half an hour earlier. The further in we got, the more crowd surfers came sailing by as well.

So, even though the beginning could have gone better, Sepultura managed to keep the steam that Death Angel had laid the groundwork for up during their hour on stage. They didn’t necessarily manage to add too much more however, as we were once again witnesses to a show that didn’t have too much of its own to offer. It was great party while it lasted, but it wasn’t one for the scrapbook, if you catch my drift.


Troops Of Doom
Breed Apart
Inner Self
Sepultura Under My Skin
From The Past Comes The Storm

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