Secrets Of The Moon

Markthalle, Hamburg - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The actual main act of this tour was Secrets Of The Moon from Germany. In contrast to Sólstafir’s wailing agony and Borknagar’s technical progression, Secrets Of The Moon delivered a much more traditional dose of ordinary black metal.

Of course, true to their nature, Secrets Of The Moon’s gig was played almost without any lights turned on in the small location of MarX (the smaller room of Markthalle), and for some reason someone was going amok on the firing mechanism of the smoke-machine. These two combined made it pretty damn hard to see anything during the concert; and because the volume of the music was turned up as high as it was, it was pretty damn hard to hear anything above the ringing and the pain left in our eardrums.
Still, the band got a surprisingly large and wild response to their music, even though the place seemed a little less packed than it had been for Sólstafir (still insanely packed none the less).

The band themselves weren’t that inventive or wild to behold, as they mostly stood still with bowed necks and let their hair hang in front of their faces, with the occasional headbang to break the monotony. The only one who really seemed to make an effort was their drummer, one Thrawn Thelemnar, who on the other hand truly was one of the wildest drummers I remember seeing, with a constant headbanging and still being able to keep the beat!

All in all however, Secrets Of The Moon left this reporter at a complete loss of words; because what can you say about something which fails to leave even the smallest impression except for boredom on you?
It didn’t hit home with me in any way, and even though they can’t have had more than about 1½ hours to play in, the concert felt like it just dragged on forever, and I caught myself in looking for a clock at several times, to see if it would not be over soon.
This truly needs a lot of work before I will have any interest in visiting them again.

Secrets Of The Moon

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