Scar Symmetry

Brewhouse, Gothenburg - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Melodic death metal act Scar Symmetry was set to warm the crowd up for Hypocrisy this night.
Not that there were a whole lot of people to warm up, the hall was nearly empty when the band entered the stage…

Scar Symmetry is one more of those bands who utilize two vocalists (Roberth Karlsson (growls) and Lars Palmquist (clean)), and this, in combination with the rest of the band, Hypocrisy’s setup, and the generally “shallow” stage (short front to back) made any type of actual performance quite impossible for the band. It was actually so bad that the drums reached all the way to the front of the stage, trapping half the band on one side and the rest on the other!
This lack in performance, except for bassist Kenneth Seil who actually did an ok job when not being forced to take the back row, and the fact that the music in itself didn’t do anything at all for me, made for a very long and not so interesting waiting time for the main act of the night. The fact that they had a very long setlist for a support band didn’t help the situation much either…

Ok, so this last fact must have come as a positive for those who had actually come to see this band, although the not quite perfect sound (it was quite noisy and muddy to be honest) might have made it hard to distinguish one song from the other. Although I can be completely of the point here, but I’d say that their normal production has a much crisper sound than this…
I know some people were actually here to see Scar Symmetry rather than Hypocrisy, but from the very lacking response of the general audience, I would say that that this group was a definite minority. Palmquist made a few brave attempts at getting the audience to shout along with the band, but the result was disappointing to say the least… At least he managed to some clapping started for their last song of the evening, The Illusionist, but that was about it, and it was no wonder to see how quickly they left the stage after the last buzz of the guitars had rung out.

For the bands sake, I hope the other shows treat them better than this, but for my own sake, well, let’s just say I won’t be holding my breath until the next time I see them.


The Iconoclast
Noumenon And Phenomenon
Pitch Black Progress
Deviate From The Form
Mind Machine
Ascension Chamber
The Illusionist

Scar Symmetry

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