Scar Of The Sun

Markthalle, Hamburg - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The Into Darkness tour had rolled into town, and thus Scar Of The Sun, Lake Of Tears, Swallow The Sun, Moonspell and Pain (in that order) were visiting the Markthalle venue in Hamburg.

Scar Of The Sun was a completely new name to me, I had not even heard the name before going here, so I was quite curious as to what they might be all about.
The first thing I took notice of was the backdrop and the stage drops they had, showing imagery which led me to think about ancient Egyptian art. Finding out later that the band actually hails from Athens, Greece, I suppose this wasn’t too far off.
The music didn’t exactly summon up the same imagery as the artwork did though; as the intro, a slow and dark guitar riff filled the speakers, I figured it was a doom metal band we were dealing with here, and not necessarily a bad one either. The tempo quickly changed to the faster though as Thanos Pappas (drums), Alexi Charalampous and Greg Eleftheriou (guitars) and Panagiotis Gatsopoulos (bass) took the stage and dove into 8th Ocean Dried, the first song of the evening. At first I figured Gatsopoulos would also be the singer as he secured a spot in the middle of the stage by the mic standing there, but soon enough another player made his entrance; Terry Nikas represented yet another stylish shift in Scar Of The Sun, as I found his vocals to be much more in line with what you would normally hear in a power metal band; not so much in hitting the high notes (which weren’t present at all) but more in the melodies I think.
A little later in the set, in the song Ode To A Failure, Charalampous also contributed with some growled vocals which further extended the sound of Scar Of The Sun, but this was the only song they played that utilized this...

Starting early on this long night, it wasn’t surprising to see that there were only a few people present in the hall at the time of Scar Of The Sun’s concert, and no one was really taking an active part in what was going on either, even though there were a few standing leaning against the security fence.
To be brutally honest with you, there wasn’t much to get engaged in either; sure enough, the musicians moved about and even threw the occasional headbanging into the mix, but somehow it still felt sort of static and it certainly didn’t connect with anyone. It didn’t feel like the bands heart was in it, and it didn’t help matters along that they didn’t really say all that much between songs – short time makes for a pressed set I know, but this was the one shot they had with the Hamburg crowd, and I really think they should have put some more thought into what they were going to do.
The band did get some gentle applause between songs though, but I think that even they (the band that is) picked up on something not going all that well at some point, so in the second to last song, Swansong Of Senses, they decided to go for broke. Nikas took a hard look at us, and in raising his arms towards the ceiling, he called out for a “hey” shout along in the small crowd that was there.
This changed everything, let me tell you! The Germans were apparently only looking for an excuse to get involved, and when they were given that they jumped right to it, giving Scar Of The Sun a hearty response.
It helped the overall feeling a lot, but it was still a bit late as their 30 minutes were nearly up. It did help us appreciate the finale more than the start, but they really should have done this sooner.

My thoughts on Scar Of The Sun after this concert was that they played well enough, with a lot of changes in the music which created a good dynamic. It didn’t strike a chord with me though, and even though I would certainly not call this bad in any way, the show didn’t leave me with a need to check them out further.


8th Ocean Dried
Ode To A Failure
I Lost
Swansong Of Senses

Scar Of The Sun

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