Scar Of The Sun

LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Ok, so my last review of Scar Of The Sun ended with me saying I didn’t feel a need to check the band out further, but here two days later, this was exactly what I was about to do.

“Thanks for showing up so early! Tonight’s gonna be great, the line-up is nice!”
- Terry Nikas (vocals)

Yes, the Into Darkness tour had now rolled into Stuttgart, and more specifically the LKA Longhorn, a very large venue which seemed to have been remodelled from an old storage facility, or possibly air hangar (yeah, I said it was big, didn’t I?).
Even though Scar Of The Sun were a bit late in beginning, it was still early in the evening though, and there weren’t a whole lot of people around yet – also, the people who had shown up were mostly occupying the bar or the metal market down at the other end of the building, thus making the actual crowd for Scar Of The Sun look even smaller. Maybe not the most attractive way to start, but I guess you know that these are the circumstances you get when playing first out of five...
Still, it would seem that the band was going to make the most out of it anyway, and once more went straight for it with 8th Ocean Dried. Nikas made another late, and in my opinion too anonymous, entry upon the stage, after the rest of the guys had found their spots and begun to play; somehow though, there was still a bit more energy in the band this evening, and a bit more searching for an audience connection from the start of the evening – a small but noticeable improvement over the conditions at the last show.
It would seem everyone had upped the ante a bit, but I must point out that I was most impressed by Greg Eleftheriou (guitar) who was really going at it with head-banging, eye-contact, and all the while singing along to the songs. At one point I also made eye-contact with Thanos Pappas (drums), and he gave a huge smile, even though I doubt he recognised me from Hamburg (but you never know).

This improved effort in performing, in combination with a clearer band presentation and a little bit of info about the album and its contents (like the fact that Swansong Of Senses had an official video) paid off in the way that the audience also seemed a bit more interested in the band. Not a lot, but just enough to hopefully pay off for the band in the end.
One thing that this could be noticed in was the enthusiastical applause the band was receiving between songs, and another was the clapping and a bit of shouting that the crowd played along with during the start of Swansong Of Senses, after an encouraging invitation from Nikas.
All things must come to an end though, and for Scar Of The Sun that end would come sooner rather than later – you can’t really blame them for having a long and dragging set to begin with, but the lateness in the beginning had to come out of something, and apparently at least some of it came out of their stage-time. They managed to play the same set without cutting any songs, but they had to hurry, and when the show was done, the musicians were off the stage almost before the last note had rung out in the speakers...

The band was clearly better this evening performance-ways, yet the music still didn’t get me hooked. Still, if they continue improving at this rate, I predict that they’ll be fun to watch in the future.


8th Ocean Dried
Ode To A Failure
I Lost
Swansong Of Senses

Scar Of The Sun

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