The Rock, Copenhagen - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Finally it was time for something we all knew this evening!
So far we had been treated to a mixed bag of goodies and some not so goodies in the form of But We Try It and Arcadia; later the stage would be headlined by Illdisposed as it was their 20th anniversary tour, but for now Raunchy ruled the room.

”Raunchy in da house!”
- Kasper Thomsen (vocals)

Even more people had managed to squeeze their way into the already well-filled concert hall and the heat was getting worse every minute; thank God the bar had some refreshing liquids to cool us down, because it quickly became obvious that Raunchy was not about to let us go easy. After two near comatozed shows so far, Copenhagen’s metal community was finally showing what it was made of, and finally we had a band which could really work the audience and keep up a good connection. What a delight, and what a kick-start to the festivities to say the least!

Yes, it was easy to see that the band-members were enjoying themselves up on the stage, where especially Thomsen gave an outstanding display of energy as he was all over the place all the time but still present enough in the gig to have total control of the situation at all times; he was truly showing his best manners as a frontman.
The others weren’t far behind though, and especially guitarist Lars Christensen and bassist Jesper Kvist caught my eye with all of their posing and playing around. It took a little while longer for the other guitarist, Jesper Andreas Tilsted, to loosen up but when he did he as much of a performer as any of them...
That this positive energy flowing from the band had an equally positive effect on the crowd is an understatement to say the least; from the very beginning a huge and a caveman wild moshpit threatened to level the place. Luckily (for the building that is) this new found energy resulted in the heat rising to new heights, and at times it felt like the humidity of the sweat had created its own eco-sphere in the concert hall, and this was rain season. This resulted in the floor getting exceedingly slippery (well, this and all the beer which was thrown around) and more often than not the moshing crowd would end in a big pile on the floor with arms and legs pointing in all directions! They were usually sorted out with haste by the people still standing, and soon the whole thing could start all over again.

”Can you handle some more? Obviously I can’t!”
- Thomsen (as he dropped the mic mid-sentence)

Technically, Raunchy had everything down just the way they should; Thomsen’s vocals were powerful and the music was blasting at full go; they even had a very decent sound going over The Rock’s speakers. The only thing holding them back from a full score was that Jeppe Christensen who was, in addition to his role as the bands keyboard player, also handled much of the clean vocals sounded insecure and off the beat for some reason. Maybe he just needed some time to warm up, because the further into the set we got, the better he sounded, and the more power he got through, but he never equalled Thomsen on this evening.
Raunchy also welcomed a guest vocalist for their hit-song Watch Out off of their 2004 album Confusion Bay; the vocalist was Mikkel Wad Larsen who usually resides in another Danish band known as Helhorse. If you feel you’ve seen him somewhere before though, you’re probably right; you see, Helhorse was prior to their record release known as Dødning, and we here at Metalmoments did a review of them back in 2008. Interestingly enough, at that time they were also sharing the stage with Illdisposed, whom I have already mentioned as the headliner for this event...

I was positively blown away by Raunchy this evening; this was even better than the first time I saw them, at Brutal Assault a little more than two years ago, and I had thought they were great already at that time!
I couldn’t say for sure at the time (although I had a sneaking suspicion), but Raunchy turned out to be the best gig of the night! My only regret was that they didn’t have more time to play in; I sure could have handled some more, as could many of the other patrons of The Rock...


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