Brutal Assault - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Our countrymen in Raunchy had actually not been on our agenda to begin with, but after running into their stand-in guitarist of the day, Lars Mayland (Jesper Tilsted was not present due to an injury), we reconsidered and decided to go see them anyway, and lucky we did! Even if it wasn’t the best show of the summer (though it was very good, mind you), it was definitely the biggest positive surprise of all the festivals shows I had seen.

The crowd might not have been the largest one I had witnessed so far, but their liveliness and enthusiasm for the show most certainly made up for the lacking numbers; actually, it was a midsize crowd which felt like they filled the place out.
And why shouldn’t they? Raunchy performed excellently in the warm afternoon, and I was especially impressed by Kasper Thomsen’s (vocals) talent as a frontman as he led the audience from an earthshaking moshpit over into some deafening sing-along’s and then into a wall of death which kicked up the dust so it filled the entire grounds like the aftermath of a mighty battle well befitting the army fortress where the festival took place.

“This is a cover from the king of black metal!” Thomsen shouted, after which Raunchy played a very special interpretation of Rockwell’s Somebody’s Watching Me (originally featuring Michael Jackson), and even though the original artist fell quite far outside the common taste of the festival, people seemed to enjoy this version very much.
This was Raunchy’s first visit to the Czech Republic, and I don’t know how many fans they might have had here before this day, but the ones they had must certainly have been here; and just as certain is that Raunchy left the concert with more fans than had when they arrived.

I’d say that the music Raunchy play isn’t necessarily right up my alley, and I will probably not rush to the nearest CD dealer to purchase their entire back-catalogue; what I will do however, is to keep my eyes peeled for the next time they show up in my vicinity to give a concert, for this is where they really shine.

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