Raging Speedhorn

The Rock, Copenhagen - 2007

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Raging Speedhorn from England supported Carnivore this night with their energetic hardcore.
As an intro, or so I thought, they used some weird popsong from the 80:ies, which made me wonder a bit about what was going on? Later though, I figured the song choice had nothing to do with the band; it was probably just the last song the DJ could squeeze in before the show.

Anyway, on came the band, kicking and screaming, and with an enormous amount of energy. I can't say that Raging Speedhorn is a band I've paid much attention to in the past, but they really impressed me with all the action in their show. They seemed to do their best at starting this evening of with a blast, and even though the response was somewhat lacking, it did not seem to bother them all to much. This kind of response is, sadly, what you could expect from the crowd at The Rock though. They almost always seem to treat the support bands as though they were carrying some deadly disease or something, where staying as far away as possible is the best solution.

The sound was pretty good, what you could expect from your normal live show, although the vocals from John Loughlin were very low to begin with. This was, however, corrected a short way into the set, and it all worked out well for the rest of the show.
All in all, a great show to start of this December's advent with.


The Hate Song
Dignity Stripper
Before The Sea Was Built
To Drunk To Give A Fuck
Fuck The Voodooman
Spitting Blood
Welcome To Shitsville
Knives And Faces

Raging Speedhorn

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