Metalcamp - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After almost a full day of rain it finally died out in time for Rage, and when the clouds broke away they revealed a beautiful sunset which created some amazing colours around the Mainstage.
That, together with the fact that there were more people out now than for any other show that day, should have been enough to make any band happy, and to give an extraordinary show.

And the band seemed lively at first, or at least vocalist/bassist/frontman Peter 'Peavy' Wagner did. Victor Smolski (guitar) however seemed to have an outstandingly bad day. Not remembering how he usually is, his behaviour really surprised me.
First off, he started lashing out after the camera-crew standing in front of the stage; he nearly got one video-camera smashed as he tried to hit it out of the hands of the poor, frightened woman holding it.
Then, after the camera-crew wisely had left the show, he started kicking at the plastic bags the stage-crew had put over the monitor-speakers to keep them dry from the rain.
What kind of an attitude is that to have when you play a live show, I ask you?

We had only planned to see a bit of the show, since we also wanted to see At The Lake who were playing on the 2nd stage at the same time, but after seeing this behaviour from a man who is supposed to be a professional artist it didn't bother me that we wouldn't see any more of Rage that day.

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