Unholy Alliance, Valby Hallen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As a special treat for this edition of The Unholy Crusade, there was some weight put on promoting local acts, a very cool idea in my opinion. The idea was named 15 Minutes of Fame, as the band in question had 15 minutes of playtime before the bigger show started. In Copenhagen there had beforehand been selected a list of bands, where the winner of an open vote got the spot. In Copenhagen, the winner was Psy-Code.

After using what I would consider a lot of time (due to their short set) on a pre-programmed intro, Psy-Code took the stage before an almost empty hall, probably filling about a fifth of its capacity. However, this was not a problem for them as they were really fired up and ready to go. And apart from the earlier mentioned intro, they wasted no time in bringing us as much music as possible. Had this been a normal length concert I would probably have said something about them not talking to the audience between songs, but as they had only such a short time on stage I think it was a wise choice to concentrate on the music instead.
And it wasn't like Schou (vocals) didn't say anything, he just used time inside the songs to do it; "Let me see your fucking hands!" which led to an impressive amount of arms being lifted by the as of yet not too big crowd.

Sadly the concert was plagued by a bad sound, as are all shows in these big places. The vocals were well mixed and came through clear enough, but the rest of the music was like one big noisy lump with no distinguishable traits. Also, someone had forgotten to create a lightshow for these guys which resulted in them playing in a static red light throughout their whole concert.
Although, even with these problems I think Psy-Code made a pretty good job of it, with especially Schou and Dag (bass) being very lively in their performance.


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