Profane Omen

Metaldays - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

It was a few years back, that we were first introduced to Finland’s Profane Omen, and since that initial meet, things have been quiet. Not from their side all together, but we haven’t encountered them again. Metaldays gave us a new opportunity however, and we were ready to take it.

“You look great, but you would look even better if you took your shirts off! It’s a shame to sit in a sauna with clothes on.”
- Jules Näveri (vocals)

As they opened up the show, I was a bit surprised to see not one, but two bass-players in the band. I didn’t remember that from the last time, but with further investigation it turned out that there hadn’t been two at that particular point in time. Our last gig with Profane Omen, had only starred Antti Seroff, and Tuomas Saarenketo had been out of the band. Now, Saarenketo had returned however, but rather than kicking Seroff out to make room, Profane Omen had continued on with two bass-players. What impact this had on the music was impossible for me to say, but it’s safe to say that it looked cool enough.

The rest of the guys were certainly not falling behind. In fact, Profane Omen was tearing it up in front of a nearly empty plain.
Fair enough, Profane Omen was only the third band of the day to hit the main stage, it wasn’t even 5 PM yet, but I would have thought Metaldays had a bit more to bring.
Those who had shown up were clearly dedicated though. Gunshot / Mindset saw an impressive seven or eight man strong circlepit, parts of which were clearly Finnish, and recognised by the band. I’m not sure if the band recognised them as individuals, or just Finns (they were wearing Finnish flags and hockey shirts), but it brought joy to both camps, and who cares about the rest?
The last song of the show, Painbox, also got a nice sing-along going.

Profane Omen had also brought gifts along to those who had shown up. Shirts were handed out throughout the gig, and towards the end, they were also throwing flags and CD’s off the stage.
Take note everyone, this is how you introduce yourself as a band – you play an awesome gig regardless of how many are watching, and you make damn sure those who showed up remember you when they go home. Well done Finland, we applaud you!

Setlist (incomplete):

The Instigator
Gunshot / Mindset

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