Metaldays - 2013

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Later in the day we would take part in a humouristically mocking of Christian themes presented by Powerwolf, but to start off the day we were now heading into a much bleaker yet somehow just as catchy universe with a history-class in European despair presented by Nemtheanga and Primordial.

“Skoal Slovenia, ya fucking cunts!”
- Alan ‘Nemtheanga’ Averill (vocals)

Once more we were to see Primordial in broad daylight, something that certainly doesn’t clash with their, or any for that matter, take on black metal. Still, they had impressed enough the last time around that we had no hesitation these Irishmen could pull it off once again.
No Grave Deep Enough put us in the right mood, yet I do feel that the coolness of a closed coffin would have been better suited than the scorching warmth of the Slovenian sun in this particular case – exactly how Nemtheanga could bare that leather outfit and large hood I cannot imagine, but of course there were many holes in is clothing to represent the rot, wear and tear of the recently risen, and maybe they gave some release?
However the effect was on him as a person, he didn’t let it affect his performance which was every bit as over the top theatrical as I remembered it. The band delivered the music without fault, although with an unbecomingly bad sound, but it was without a doubt the frontman that was the point of focus here. Nemtheanga gesticulated, always moved around, and clearly put his darkened soul into the delivery of each phrase, line and melody.

Between songs he also held us entertained as he explained the history and meaning surrounding the songs or spoke of other things that were relevant, but this was in no way a one-way communication as the crowd was invited to sing or scream along at several fitting points throughout the show. “Sing, sing, sing to the saves” echoed loudly between the mountains during As Rome Burns, and when Empire Falls got to end today’s session we the masses took completely over during the first part of the chorus where we asked ourselves where the fighting man was and if we were he.
There was also a definite and unmistakable Primordial chant filling the few silences there were during the concert, proving that the Slovenian horde warmly welcomed the band on this their first visit to these parts of the globe. The fan-praising song Bloodied Yet Unbowed went down well, and had the extra special that when Nemtheanga lyrically raised a glass to the comrades near and far, the guards in front of the stage raised the water-hoses over the crowd – this cooling rain was welcomed and well needed in the warm weather!

Seldom does one see despair and death portrayed in such a captivating way that Primordial does it, and when class was done all anyone could have hoped for in ways of improvement was a better sound to deliver the teachings, and that it would have lasted for a longer time.
Everything else, they nailed it!


No Grave Deep Enough
Gods To The Godless
Bloodied Yet Unbowed
As Rome Burns
Traitors Gate
The Coffin Ships
Empire Falls

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