Pretty Maids

Copenhell - 2019

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Pretty Maids has made quite a fantastic journey, starting out as a replacement band on the mid-sized stage two years ago, to their own main stage spot this year. It was time for a celebration, and we were ready to party with them!

“Are you out there, Copenhell?!”
- Ronnie Atkins (vocals)

The early afternoon of Copenhell was warm and inviting, and Pretty Maids were only the second band we were watching this day, so the energy was ready to be blown out over the festival. The hill was filled, and the ground was, if not filled, then at least fully covered with a loosely packed crowd of expectant metalheads.
The band came on with the now classical intro of Pandemonium, and you could tell they wanted to do what they could to make this work out to everyone’s delight. No, while they bring their material, as well as a rockin’ attitude, and Chris Laney even had a sweet looking new Pretty Maids painted Flying V to show off, they weren’t truly connecting. The crowd was there, and the band was cheered on for their efforts, but it seemed the morning hang-overs hadn’t completely released their grip yet. This didn’t go unnoticed by the band either.

“If this was 2000 years ago in Rome, Caesar would have done this. (turning an outstretched thumb downwards) This is not acceptable! It’s Friday afternoon, there’re beers, and we’re going to get the party started!”
- Atkins (vocals)

In the end, Atkins was compelled to make a fire speech, to rally the troops as it were, and apparently that was just what was needed. Now we were finally beginning to hear some proper singing along to the songs and to Atkins crowd singing exercises. The energy in general got a good and proper lift, and this could in turn be seen in the band, who also lifted their game to a whole new level. Shortly after, Pretty Maids played Mother Of All Lies, and the sing-along section for this truly showed just what the crowd was able to accomplish when they set their collective minds to it.
From here on out, it was hit after hit from the band, and the crowd created a great party in front of the stage. It got hot enough for Ken Hammer to start sharing water bottles with the audience, something that was readily accepted in the sun filled weather.

So, what can we learn from this? If people aren’t doing what you want them to do, just threaten to kill them Roman style, and they’ll fall in line!
Seriously though, Pretty Maids was just the injection of energy that Copenhell needed this day, and they proved beyond a doubt why they not only a main stage band, but also why it was high time for Copenhell to book them on their own merits.


Bull’s Eye
It Comes At Night
We Came To Rock
Yellow Rain
Mother Of All Liles
Little Drops Of Heaven
Back To Back
Red, Hot And Heavy
Future World
Love Games
Sit On My Face (Monty Python song)

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