Metalfest - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After an empowering show by Vader, fatigue and hang-over were now a distant memory, which was certainly good as I was planning on having a blast together with the werewolves of Powerwolf.
Despite my neglecting to give them proper praise in the festival report (read elsewhere on the site), Powerwolf was one of the bands I was looking the most forward to at Metalfest this year.

“Our Father who art in heaven, our daily metal give us today”
(on-stage banner)

It isn’t often you’ll see me write this, but in a positive turn of events, nothing much had changed since their top-quality show from last year.
The concert still began with an intro where Attila Dorn (a.k.a. Karsten Brill) blessed the stage and the crowd with a pot of incense in one hand and a golden chalice with wine in the other. Or was it possibly blood..?
By his side on the catwalk was also Falk Maria Schlegel, who in his usual style spent more time hanging over the edge of the stage beckoning the crowd to join in the fun, than he did behind his instrument.
The first song played was one of my favourites, and one of the songs that stayed with me from last year, Sanctified With Dynamite. This proved a great opener, ad already here you could see that this would be a great success for the band. The Greywolf brothers, Charles and Matthew, both ran across the stage, and the feral expression in their eyes told us that there was no place to hide for the heathens in the crowd. Or was it the Christians? I get confused...
The point is, we were in for one hell of a sanctified ride!

Yes, it was a good thing Vader had warmed us up already, for the German wolf-pack was unrelenting.
Dorn and Schlegel led us into a synchronised fist raising in, well you guess it and you can win a popsicle, and the Greywolf’s had us jumping in We Drink Your Blood, and apart from the never ending Powerwolf chanting that rung loud over Dessau’s airport we also made a lot of “hu ha” noise during Werewolves Of Armenia. Even though Dorn presented everything in German, this part was easy enough to follow, as was the part when he said he had a song dedicated to all the guys in the crowd, Resurrection By Erection, and on for all the ladies, Saturday Satan. There was also something about “Spaβ”, and even though I didn’t get the rest of the sentence, I gladly answered yes at the top of my lungs.

The Powerwolf concert proved, not surprisingly, to be a fist-raising fest above all others where every member of the band as well as the audience gave it their all, and had a blast all the way through.
As a friend commented afterwards, Powerwolf is one of those bands where you don’t really want them to change the setlist as it is quite perfect as it is. The same can easily be said about the show.


Sanctified With Dynamite
Prayer In The Dark
We Drink Your Blood
Raise Your Fist, Evangelist
Werewolves Of Armenia
Resurrection By Erection
All We Need Is Blood
Saturday Satan
Lupus Dei

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