Metalcamp - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

One of the fondest memories of Rockharz was when I saw Powerwolf, and now only a short week later I was given the chance to see them again, this time in the presence of the very people who had recommended them to me in the first place.

Evening was fast approaching but the weather was still warm and bright, and I was in the mood for partying, so what could be better suited for the occasion than the Powerwolves of Germany and Romania?
Strangely, not very many seemed to share my enthusiasm, and the field was surprisingly empty compared to many of the other shows I had seen so far here at Metalcamp. Well, no matter, this was probably going to pull a larger crowd when the band began playing. Ok, so they had at the time of the show released three albums, with a fourth just on the doorstep of coming out, but I honestly don’t have the slightest idea of how big this band is, but I don’t doubt they are headed for great things.
Anyway, enough of that. The show began in very much the same manner as it had the last time around, with the song We Take It From The Living and the entrance with priestly garments and objects in hand. An important, and for me very positive, change soon became apparent though – vocalist Attila Dorn was speaking in English instead of German this time around, so it was now possible for me to understand what he was talking about between the songs! Ok, so the man wasn’t all that good at speaking English, something which he himself noted a couple or more times, but even though he wasn’t as talkative here as he had been in Germany he still managed to get a great connection with the crowd, and that’s really all that matters.
He came pretty close to messing up a couple of times though...

“We are very happy to play here on the Ronnie James Dio stage, and we would like to dedicate this next one to Dio!”
- Attila Dorn (vocalist)

Sorry mate, but the Ronnie James Dio stage was placed on the Masters Of Rock festival, not at Metalcamp.
Dorn also managed to mess up towards the end of the show when he shouted; ”Thank you Masters Of Rock!”, but this time he realized it by himself, and came with a quick apology about being confused by playing so many places this summer. He then showed a big smile of lupine teeth, and all was forgiven.
After all, who would dare oppose a band that first plays a song called We Drink Your Blood, and keeping with the sanguine theme they immediately play In Blood We Trust afterwards? If this wasn’t enough, Dorn also managed to get one right when he renamed their live favourite to Werewolves Of Slovenia (originally, Armenia is the country in the title).
The latter song also had a good sing along chance with the “Hu Ha” part, but even though it was Dorn’s own suggestion that we sing half of those intricate lyrics, it turned out he didn’t quite trust we could manage it and so he also sang the “Ha” part. Not that he needed to really, the Slovenian crowd, my friends and myself included, were very loud indeed. Not quite loud enough though according to Dorn, which was obvious in the last song of the evening, Lupus Dei, where he at several times pretended to fall asleep as a cause of low response to his shouted requests. The first couple of times it worked to fire the audience up even more like it always does, but after about ten times snoring he began to just a teensy weensy bit repetitive...

Even with this slight lack of variation, I was easily as attracted to the band this time around, and I was glad to hear that I managed to recognise even more songs at this show. Goes to show how easily addictive Powerwolf is.

Setlist (incomplete):

We Take It From The Living
Prayer In The Dark
Raise Your Fist, Evangelist
We Drink Your Blood
In Blood We Trust
Werewolves Of Armenia
Sanctified With Dynamite
Resurrection By Erection
Saturday Satan
Catholic In The Morning... Satanist At Night
Lupus Dei

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