Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2016

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Poem, a band from Greece, was supporting Amorphis on their Under The Red Cloud tour through Europe. Neither of us here at Metalmoments had encountered the name before, but this was a perfect opportunity to what they were all about.

“Thank you. Thank you very, very much. Thank you. Thank you.”
- Giorgos Prokopiou (vocals/guitar)

With this sort of tour to introduce themselves, the stage was set for Poem to be able to make a great impact on future fans, but to be honest, they managed to come off on the most wrong foot possible.
Frontman Giorgos Prokopiou opened the gig by shortly introducing the band and thanking those who had shown up to watch them. That’s all fine and good of course, but the problem was that he sounded bored out of his mind when he did it, and I almost feared he would fall asleep where he stood. Luckily, it was a short introduction, and the music began in direct extension of it, so at least the volume kicked us back into the land of the living.
The music we were presented with was a well-executed piece of progressive metal, in the softer end of the scale, with great musicianship. To back this up, they also had an uncommonly well-mixed sound, regardless of where you stood in the room. I was hoping for a catchy moment to remember, in vain it would turn out, but the overall atmosphere was pretty darned good.

There weren’t many around to hear it though. When Poem entered the stage, there were barely enough people present to fill out the first line. Through the first couple of songs, the audience increased, but it never became especially impressive. The response was equally underwhelming, with a few spread applause in between songs as the highlight of the concert.
Then again, there really wasn’t all that much to be excited about. You’ll notice how the positive remarks above only involved the actual music, whereas not a word was written about the performance. Well, to make a short story really short, it’s because there wasn’t one. While playing, all of the band members were more or less completely locked in their positions, and concerned themselves only with their own toes. Prokopiou completely dropped the ball on this outstanding chance to introduce the bands songs, so that we had something to remember them by, and even though he livened up slightly after dropping his guitar, it wasn’t nearly enough to save this train wreck of a performance. It should be known that he didn’t drop his guitar until about two thirds through the last song.

So, what do we take away from this concert? Not much, I can tell you. The one burning point is probably the lesson to any audience members who are also in bands, that flawless us of your instrument is nowhere near enough to make a successful live show. This could have been a whole lot better if Poem had just spent a bit of effort in connecting with the audience. But the music was really good, even though it wasn’t completely my cup of tea.


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