Perception Of Darkness

KB, Malmö - 2012

Text: Fredrik Odervång & Laura Osella Odervång Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

We had never heard of Perception Of Darkness before we saw them open for Raubtier. They immediately reminded us of many bands we’ve seen play in goth/industrial clubs and seemed to be a bit of a strange match for Raubtier. But nowadays it’s become quite normal to have extremely different bands play together.

Perception Of Darkness is a young a band from Southern Sweden who play industrial metal. They dress in tight black clothes with buckles and spikes and wear heavy make up in the same style as Gothminister.

Their set was quite pleasant; they were very energetic on stage and seemed to enjoy what they were doing. The crowd seemed to appreciate them too.

The clean vocals were a bit weak and sounded at times like The Crüxshadows. In spite of that the singer did a pretty good job on stage.

The music wasn’t particularly original and as far as we know they haven’t released an album, but with a bit of work they could become a successful band in their genre. Would not be surprised to see them break some hearts at Wave Gotik Treffen in the future. Keep watching.

Perception Of Darkness

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