The Rock, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Opening up for Illdisposed this evening were their fellow Danes Palt. Palt have descended upon the capitol with their thrashy mix of metals a few times before, but this was actually the first time for me to see them.

The Rock was less than half full when Palt went on stage, but it filled up more and more throughout the show, and there were clearly some who had come to raise hell already from the start. Throughout the show there was a lot headbanging going on in the front, but this was not nearly enough for Odin (vocals) and the rest of his gang, who were intent on bringing the house down before Illdisposed had time to enter the stage. A good old moshpit was therefore started for Deep Inside, and it lasted for the remaining four songs of the set.

Odin, as already mentioned, was very good at reaching out to the audience, but the "Energizer Bunny of the Night" award went to their bassist, Jesper (a.k.a. Jeff) who with his pink and flowery wristbands managed to look like he was able to be all over the stage at once. His high-reaching ballet-kicks were definitely something to watch out for as well.
Possibly feeling a bit left out during the first part of the concert, Uffe (a.k.a. Åff, guitars) made a come-back towards the end with some well-placed Angus Young rip-off steps and also by walking over to the other side of the stage where he was no longer hidden by a pillar. This place was well occupied by Tue (drums) as well, who had the untraditional placing of his kit on the side of the stage, instead of in the middle and back.
The only one lacking this evening was their electronics expert, Michael (a.k.a. Kutter). I don't know where he was, and as far as I could hear, there was no mention of him from anyone in the band either.

Palt had time for a pretty long set for a support act, and they chose to fill it with some songs off their two latest demos (skipping When The Shit Hits The Fan from -04) and a lot of new, unreleased material as well. Even though I wasn't too caught up by their music, I still say they made a good show of it with their lively and humoristic performance.


Break Yourself
Human Waste
Deep Inside
Against The Wall
Half A Man
Road Kill


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