Wacken - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

For their Wacken performance, Pain had changed their now familiar confetti cannons out with some hard artillery. The bombs that signalled the start of the show were so loud it made several members of the crowd jump several feet backwards, and as the wall of sound which was the music then pressed on, it was damn near impossible to claw your way back to the front.

The setlist may have been the same old song, but the energy the band had was unheard of; already from the opening notes of I’m Going In the atmosphere turned absolutely wild, and the sea of people gathered hopped, shouted and swung their hair in time with the fast-beating disco metal. On the stage the band was on fire; both because of the fantastic response they got, and also because of the giant flares which constantly went off in every direction.

Now, I don’t know if it was overexcitement, the already warm day in combination with the fire, or just good old alcohol which did it, but halfway into the set Peter Tägtgren made a small hiccup while introducing the next song as Zombie Slam. Only problem was, the setlist said Nailed To The Ground, and his bandmates were not ready to cover for the mistake.
A bit of electric boogie and a song later, it was a somewhat more humble Tägtgren who calmly (and maybe a bit embarrassed?) asked “Can we have some zombies now?”; and after a thumbs up from drummer-boy David Wallin we got an “Alright!” and then the flares went up once more and Zombie’s could finally start Slamming.

Tägtgren also acted out his role as bad role-model for us as he incited all to get very, very drunk since it was the last day of the festival; at least he himself had left his liver back in Sweden as he didn’t count on it doing any good for him here anyway, as he put it.
Still, even with all the talk of drinking coming from him, he managed to get through the rest of the set without any more noticeable mishaps, and when the time had come for the finale with Shut Your Mouth all hell broke loose in the effects department with bombs and flares, and all of the crowd sang along and loved it.

As the show came to an end there was only one thing larger than the ringing in our ears, and that was the smiles on our faces.


I’m Going In
Monkey Business
Suicide Machine
Dancing With The Dead
Nailed To The Ground
Zombie Slam
End Of The Line
Don’t Care
It’s Only Them
On And On
Same Old Song
Shut Your Mouth

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