Vega, Copenhagen - 2013

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Gothenburg based goth rock/metallers Outshine had landed a pretty sweet deal when they signed on to be the opener for Paradise Lost on the Scandinavian dates of their 2013 fall tour for Tragic Idol, and as the Scandinavian leg of the tour (well, the entire tour even, not just the leg) kicked off in Vega, Copenhagen, this was of course where we got to see the band for the first time.

Even though this was the first time we saw and heard of Outshine, it is a band with a long running history. The band has its roots as far back as 1995, when the then young guitarist Jimmy Norberg put down the founding stones of what is now a band on the move. A lot of water and even more bass players (13(!) to be precise) have passed under the bridge since then, and according to themselves, Outshine now stand more solid and serious than ever before. With the recent release of their third album, Prelude To Descent, and the completion of the line-up with the addition of vocalist Micke Holm (who earlier worked as their merch sales guy) and bassist Robert ‘Rob’ Hakemo (whom you may recognise from M.A.N and other bands), to the existing one including Norberg and drummer Fredrik Kretz, Outshine was ready to conquer more of the territory.

Lille Vega, which was where the concerts would take place, was already rather well filled when Outshine rocked the stage, and the band made sure that they would be recognised. With them they had brought their own backdrop, resembling the cover of the latest album, and two stage banners to complete the visual side of things.
The connection to the audience was mainly a job for Holm, who did an acceptable job with speaking between some of the songs, interchanging between Swedish and English to make sure he was understood. Not that much comprehension is needed for “Shout along to this!”, but he made an effort and that’s definitely a good thing.
The performance on the other hand was mostly delivered at the hands of Norberg and Hakemo; Norberg was really getting into the delivery of the music, headbanging a lot and really giving it that extra nudge it needed, whereas Hakemo was a bit more reserved (only in comparison to the energetic guitarist mind you), but had a nice connection to the closest crowd, and was seen out on the edge of the stage giving knuckles.

There were, as I mentioned above, quite a lot of people inhabiting the small venue at Vega, and the heat was already high. Beers were flowing and the mood was good.
I don’t reckon that many others, if any, knew about Outshine before the show, and apart from the frontline which was swaying along to the music, not much action was seen during the songs but the band good a good deal of cheers and applause between their tracks which seemed to encourage them along the path.
Outshine was also a good fit for Paradise Lost, sounding slightly like the One Second era of said band what with the extensive use of electronics in the music, here presented in a pre-recorded form. Sadly, the recognisability was lacking in the music and there weren’t any apparent hooks which stayed with me after the show, but I remember liking the last song, Love For The Music; with its piano sounding intro and its calm yet tension building character, it stuck out just enough from the rest to keep me entertained.

All in all, Outshine did an ok job warming us up for the headliner, but as with the music, this concert will not stand out and will be quickly forgotten.


Leave Now Honey
Wisconsin H.G.
In You I Met Me (Caroline)
I Was Nothing
Working Class
Here Now
Love For The Music


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