The Rock, Copenhagen - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After a short intro by Mr. Metallica Jam himself, Ivan Grosmeyer, Nightlight took the stage as the main act of the evening.
As with the supporting band Forcentury, Nightlight is something I first heard about after our latest Iron Fire concert, a band which has members in both the other groups. In Nightlight we see singer Martin Steene and bassist Martin Lund. The other members of Nightlight count Hagel on drums and the two guitars are handled by Nikolaj Ihlemann and Kasper Langmann. All keyboards were pre-recorded as Nightlight does not have a permanent guy (or girl) to fill this position at this moment.

“Feelin’ good? Are you drunk? Cause we are!”
- Martin Steene (vocals)

With this wonderful remark Steene made an instant connection with the audience; which by this time had grown considerably compared to what it had been like during the support. There was also more energy in the crowd now, although it could still be counted as a calm experience to start with. However, I think that this, at least in part, can be contributed to the slower, darker vibe the band has, compared to Steene’s main act, Iron Fire.
Still, his charming ways went straight for the girls, who were definitely better represented in tonight’s crowd than what they are at your average gig. One girl got special attention during the song Gothic Girl, and she seemed to love every minute of it. Steene also gave a call for a birthday song for Ria Rasmussen, long time friend of himself and the band.
Steene wasn’t the only one in the band getting the women’s attention though. It could almost be compared to an Elvis or Tom Jones concert, the way female underwear was thrown after the smiling guitarist Ihlemann. One pair even ended up hanging from his mic-stand for the rest of the evening. Must be great to feel such love from your supporters!

“Last chance to let it rip! This is an 80ies classic, Rebel Yell!”
- Steene (vocals)

Yes, it was the old Billy Idol song which was chosen to end the evening for Nightlight. As we had seen in a song earlier in the set, Ivan Grosmeyer was once again invited to the stage to lay down some guest-growling, which worked well to compliment the finer, lighter singing of Steene.
After this there was only one thing for people to do, and that was to hurry on over to the merchandise stand and buy Nightlight’s debut album, Funeral Of Love.

Even though musically this didn’t really go with my taste, it was still well-played and the showmanship of all the members in the band is not something to be overlooked. An enjoyable evening with a good show from a band who knows their trade is what I can say about this.


Poison Beauty
Love Trash
Madness In The Moonlight
White Winter, Black Brain
Zombies N’ Shadows
Gothic Girl
Funeral Of Love
Hollow Man
Shotgun Wedding
Days Of Misery
Loving The Dead
C’ U’ Next Tuesday
Rebel Yell (Billy Idol cover)


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