Power of Metal, Markthalle, Hamburg - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

To be honest, Nevermore have never really done it for me. I have as of yet not bothered with their albums, and their shows have always left me wondering what the big deal was.
Still, got to keep an open mind, right?

As it was, Nevermore was headlining the Power of Metal show here in Hamburg, which so far had gone from very good (Thaurorod, Mercenary) to absolutely amazing (Psychotic Waltz) back down to a good (Symphony X) again, and as I had no great expectations for Nevermore, I figured that the night was pretty much over by the time they hit the stage.
As a direct cause of this I felt quite a surprise, and a tinge of shame for writing them of so readily, as their opener Inside Four Walls proved to be quite catchy. Alright, time to try that open mind thing off…
That the large crowd was quite ecstatic about this came as no surprise, given the popularity of the band, but even so the largest part of the assembled people took things very calmly, taking the music and show in without sending much back out again except in given obvious opportunities, as between songs or when asked by vocalist Warrel Dane to do things such as shout or raise their horns.
Despite this I am in no doubt that the band was highly appreciated for their efforts, as they should be; the entire ensemble was giving one heck of a performance!
The largest responses came with the bands old classics, like The Heart Collector and This Godless Endeavor, whereas the songs Moonrise (Through Mirrors Of Death) and Enemies Of Reality had people singing and headbanging along like crazy.

As had been the case with half of the bands which had played so far, the members of Nevermore differed somewhat from the last time I saw them. For Nevermore, it was bassist Jim Sheppard who was gone, having been replaced by the tiny in stature yet large in presence, Dagna Barrera. This was nothing permanent though; Dane explained to us that Sheppard was away recovering from brain surgery, and only for the time being replaced by the young girl. Not that one would notice that she had only been with them a short time though, as she played perfectly and there seemed to be a great chemistry within the band with this new setting. A bit too many sex jokes from Dane’s side perhaps, but what’s it matter in a thousand years?

So, what did my newly opened mind tell me?
Well, for starters it found it funny, almost ironic in a way, that what proved to be the most uninteresting show on the Power of Metal tour, would also prove to be the best Nevermore gig I have witnessed so far.
Upon closer inspection though, Nevermore did actually outshine Symphony X, so they didn’t end up at the bottom of the scale after all, and no matter what I feel about their music, I must hand it to them that they delivered a great performance this night. Hell, they even came back and played a real encore (i.e. not one planned ahead and on the setlist)!


Inside Four Walls
Moonrise (Through Mirrors Of Death)
The Termination Proclamation
Your Poison Throne
The Heart Collector
The River Dragon Has Come
Emptiness Unobstructed
This Godless Endeavor
Enemies Of Reality
The Obsidian Conspiracy

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