House Of Metal - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Nekrodelirium is a young Swedish black metal band. It started out as a pet project in 2011 for Sandra Stensen (vocals/guitar) and Erik Röjås (drums), who were both active in the death metal band Frantic Amber at the time.
Now it has moved on to be their main band. They have released a MCD, and have expanded their crew to a quartet, incorporating Charlie Persson (bass) and Oscar Kallén (guitar) in their ranks.

Nekrodelirium was also the first actual band that we saw at the 2017 House Of Metal festival. I say actual band, because we had checked out Umeå Pop & Rockkör before this, and now it was time for Nekrodelirium to take over the Sensus/The Tube stage, located in the restaurant area of the community house.
Well, one must give them that they did it in a most convincing metal fashion. Leather outfits, corpse paint, and theatrical blood, that was the ticket. And a garagey sounding raw and unpolished black metal, delivered completely straight and serious.
The show was a bit static, possibly brought on by the relatively young age of the band and the small size of the stage, but as a nice turning point, Kallén left the stage to play in the security pit and on the fence in their as of yet unreleased song Portals. Plus points for that.

A larger crowd was quickly gathering in front of the small stage, and Nekrodelirium was even cheered on with some appreciative shouts between songs, and spread devil horns and headbanging during them. Things didn’t exactly go wild, nor was there ever any real pressure, but for an opening concert they did alright for themselves.
Stensen, who turned out to be Norwegian, spoke a little bit between songs, quickly announcing who they were and all that, and even had time to dedicate Portals to her friend Frederik, who should have been at this gig, but had chosen to be somewhere else instead for whatever reason (he should still be respected though, we were told).

Nekrodelirium played hard and fast, as the genre dictates, but never managed to leave me with a lasting impression, or anything to make them stick out from the crowd of so many more of these bands.
Lunah (Lauridsen, our photographer) said she liked them however, so why not check them out, and make up your own mind?


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