For Evigt Rock - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Confusing band, this.
When I first searched the name to get some info on them, I found a Chicago based grunge band. Not only with the same name, but also the same instrumental setup, i.e. drummer, guitarist, bassist, and vocalist/keyboardist. Standing in the same manner when on stage.
Secondly, we’ve got the name itself. On the bass drum, which should be a reliable source of info, they’ve spelled the name with an apostrophe like this – Mutt’s – but further research on the web has shown no conclusive evidence to support this, as in all other places it is simply spelled – Mutts. Which is it, guys?

Anyway, being stuck in traffic and thus missing out on most of Go Go Berlin’s show, Mutts (yeah, this is what I’m going with) was the first show we really saw at For Evigt Rock, a large one-day festival in Rødovre, a suburb to Copenhagen. Well, two-day actually, where one day had a rock theme, and the other had a hip hop theme. But we’re going off track.

“Howdy, we are Mutts!”
- Rasmus Horne Møller Nielsen (vocals/keyboard)

As I mentioned, Mutts is a quartet, with Møller Nielsen (vocals/keyboard) in the front, Jeff Yahin Jørgensen on guitar, Søren Kruse Christiansen on bass, and Rasmus Ibsen on guitar. With them on stage this day was Møller Nielsen’s sister Anna on backing vocals, and unrelated Mikki on keyboards. Given the incredibly small size of the stage, this didn’t provide much room for the musicians to move about on. I can’t say if this was the reason for them not doing it here, but they did swing about to the music. Well, Jørgensen and Christiansen did, the others were more tied to their instruments. With Møller Nielsen facing sideways away from the crowd all the time, this didn’t help the band in creating a good connection with the crowd. He spoke a little, mostly introducing songs, which was a good idea, but we could have used something more.

Mutts musical direction was indie rock. Pretty straight forward stuff, no surprises. I thought I heard some Kaizers Orchestra influences at one point, albeit without the same level of madness which that band built its success on.
Møller Nielsen had a nice, raspy soul voice which blended well with the music, although I wouldn’t have minded a bit more depth in tone. Just once in a while, he seemed skilled enough to pull it off.
The songs worked well, and would appeal to any fan of the genre, but for me they began blending with one another after a while, and so we’ve reached the Achilles heel of the concert – it was too long for the good of the band.
There was of course a practical issue here worth considering – the festival used the On The Run stage (the small one) as a musical interlude as gear was shifted from one band to the next on the main stage. Thus, the show needed to be of a certain length to fill this gap, but I believe it would have been better for Mutts if their show had been a couple or three songs shorter. Again, it wasn’t bad, but they outstayed their welcome, and I lost interest.

Mutts is still a new, young band though, and have plenty of time to grow, which I don’t doubt they will. There is certainly a crowd for this sort of thing, but I’m not one of them. So, all the luck in the future, and find your crowd.

Setlist (incomplete):

Hot Air Balloon
Koda Chrome

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