Forum, Copenhagen - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

”You’re here to watch Volbeat? They’re a good band. We’re also a good band, good-looking!”
- Ralf Gyllenhammar (vocals/guitar)

The humour was high in the air as Swedish hard-rockers / metalers Mustasch took the grand stage of Forum to warm up for said Danes. Especially so from Ralf Gyllenhammar, but the rest of his crew was not far behind him.

“In a minute we’ll boogie-woogie, our drummer (Mats ‘Dojan’ Hansson) must drink some wine…”
- Gyllenhammar (vocals/guitar)

Mustasch’s 40 minutes (or so) on stage was used on a lot of music (of course) but there was definitely given time for other activities as well, as you can hear. Actually, if not considering the time-length for a moment, Mustasch’s show would have worked just as well as a headliner act as they did supporting another band. They were enthusiastic, organized and had a lot to offer in showmanship. They most certainly did what they could to get the already very large audience (I hear the Forum was sold out for the night) going, but at the same time it would seem the fiery Swedes had their work cut out for them. Even though parts of the crowd (maybe not a large part, but still a lot of people) were also Swedes, Mustasch still had a hard time getting a proper response from the larger bulk of the crowd. I think Gyllenhammar himself said it best when he at the end of the show exclaimed;”I love you! Especially the Danish girl in the front, yawning…”

And yes, the audiences’ response could have been better. Actually should have been better, considering the way the band performed. But alas, as I should have expected, Volbeat (in Denmark at least) have become such a household name that they do not just draw metal people to their shows, but more and more the common man/woman who feels this is a “safe” way to play it wild. The same phenomenon can be found in another great Danish band, D:A:D, but there is no need to delve deeper into a philosophical discussion about it here, as we are getting of the topic.
Ok, so there were a few people rocking out to Mustasch’s music, mostly in the start I would say, but as Gyllenhammar at several times tried to get the audience to scream along with him, the result was in a word pathetic. Again, and I want to stress this, I do not blame the band in any way for this. I merely think they ended up in front of the wrong crowd.
And it wasn’t a complete disaster; towards the end Gyllenhammar broke open another can of Swedish humour as he started up a sort of Eurovision songcontest sing-along which bore some fruit, and after the show was done and the lights came on he stayed on on the stage and led the assembled people in a massive wave which was fun watching.

The feeling I personally got from this concert was that of being at Wacken (anybody who does not know what Wacken is can look it under festivals on this site), and that was a great feeling to have. I think it was the combination of having fun and listening to metal with an extremely crappy sound.
The sound was probably not the bands fault, the acoustic in these great halls are not exactly optimal for concerts; nevertheless they are needed to hold such large amounts of people at once.
The one thing I would say they should work on is to take more advantage of the large scene they were given. They were mostly standing in their places throughout, and as this might not be such a big issue on a smaller venue, it did give somewhat an empty feel on this scale.
Anyway, I hope Mustasch had as good a time playing for us as I had watching them.

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