Rockharz - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Being a truly old-school death metal act from back in the day, Morgoth was much more Lunah’s (Lauridsen, our photographer) choice than mine, but since I had seen four great concerts already in the day I was in a particularly good mood, and I gave the open mind idea a try as I have been positively surprised by this sort of band in the past.

And yes, old school death was exactly what we got, because it would seem that after the reunion in 2010 Morgoth decided to forget all about their third and final (at the time) album, Feel Sorry For The Fanatic, which as you might know, was a bit less aggressive than their previous body of work…
In the band, Marc Grewe was still handling the growls and Harald Busse and Sebastian Swart were still the guitar-slingers returned from the olden days, but on bass and drums we found the relatively new faces of Sotirios ‘Soti’ Kelekides (former) and Marc ‘Speedy’ Reign (latter). To me, they were all new though, as I have no previous relationship to this band, and also because of this it surprised me to find out that they were in fact a German band (picked up on that one because Grewe would growl all his comments in German between songs), and it further surprised me that a rugged man like Grewe, both in clothes and body-type strongly resembling a biker most of all, would go through the trouble of using green contact lenses to the show.

It was too bad that the same amount of effort as putting those contacts in, hadn’t gone into creating an interesting show.
The slow death tunes were sluggishly pouring down over us and the band apparently didn’t feel the need to pep things up with their performance – there was some lazy headbanging once in a while, and while Grewe moved about occasionally, in about the same speed as continents move, the rest of the guys seemed super-glued to their places and offered us nothing at all of interest or stage presence… Ok, so the music seemed tight and rehearsed enough, but the biggest chance you had of catching something involving death at this show was with death by boredom for staying and watching!
Interestingly enough, Morgoth had managed to pull quite a big crowd which although it was rather loosely packed covered a lot of festival ground as it stood and listened. The interest the band failed to infuse us with though could easily be seen in the lack of response they got from people – a few arms got raised here and there, and there was a small handful of nodding (not headbanging) people in the frontline, but apart from that, not even the crowd seemed interested in putting an effort into this.

It won’t surprise you to learn that I got just about nothing at all out of watching Morgoth, but before my outspoken general lack of interest in death metal may lead you to think that the problem was all mine, consider that Lunah, who has been a fan of the band and was looking very much forward to seeing them for the first time found it even more dismal than I did. And that’s not a good score to walk away with.

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