Morbid Angel

Copenhell - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Morbid Angel was one of the bands which had gotten most of the positive response when announced at the festival, mostly for being old-school and sticking to what you know.
Then out came their new album Illud Divinum Insanus, which showed a whole new side to the band, and I was very curious in part to see what the band would do with this live, but most of all how all the old-school fans would react.

Well, the first thing I can say is that they, the fans that is, hadn’t given up on their old favourite death dealer; the ground in front of the Hades stage was completely packed and the hill behind it didn’t hold many free spots either!
Next came the band; David Vincent had crawled out of his plastic outfit (well, parts of him were always crawling out of it I suppose) which he had used the latest couple of times I’d seen the band, and into a more fitting rock ‘n’ roll outfit made mostly of denim. Stand-in drummer Tim Yeung and ‘new’ guitarist Thor Anders ‘Destructhor’ Myhren were both wildly beating away at their respective instruments, and only founding member Trey Azagthoth was quite hidden due to considerable amounts of smoke on his side of the stage, in combination with being badly lit… Also Vincent had all of his gear placed a good way away from the edge of the stage to begin with, probably due to fear of more rain, but as the weather held up nicely his monitors and mic were pulled forward so that he came closer to the audience.

Now, Vincent did turn out to be a man of few words this night, but what he lacked in mouth so to say, the band and he himself made up for in such an unusual death metal trait as charisma!
Yes, I don’t believe I’m lying when I say the place was spellbound by the American’s show this night. As Morbid Angel was pouring treats out of the goodie bag, both old and new, the crowd was only too happy to eat it all up! Headbanging was a must, and there were some impressively loud shout alongs along the way, a very good example of this was found in the song God Of Emptiness where every throat present was pressing out “hey, hey!” as loud as they could.
Yes, Morbid Angel was surprisingly entertaining to behold, and even though I would have liked to get a good place for the next band on the other stage, it was simply impossible to tear myself away from this show!

Setlist (incomplete):

Fall From Grace
Maze Of Torment
Existo Vulgoré
I Am Morbid
Angel Of Disease
Chapel Of Ghouls
Where The Slime Live
God Of Emptiness

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