Copenhell - 2023

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Møl was a band we were looking forward to seeing at Copenhell. They made a great impression with their Copenhell debut back in 2018, and the few times we’ve seen them in between then and now, have never failed to leave an impression.
Due to Copenhell’s tight scheduling however, we were only able to catch part of their show, as they rocked the Pandæmonium stage.

“Cheers, and thanks for choosing to be here [with us]!”
- Kim Song Sternkopf (vocals)

The band had clearly pulled out their summer attire, as the whole band were performing in some kind of Hawaii shirts and light slacks. And what was that with the whole band, how many were they by now? Two vocalists, for one thing? Well, it turned out the guy (sorry, didn’t catch his name) who sang the clean vocals was only a guest, as he left after the first song, but still - there were a lot of people on stage!
Later, in Diorama, Møl would again be graced by a guest vocalist, this time in the guise of Kathrine ‘Sylvaine’ Shepard from Norway, lending a nice touch of femininity to the show.
It was mainly Sternkopf who steered the ship however, as we’re used to, and he was as full of energy as always this fine day, leaving it all on the stage. The nice thing was that the rest of the band also proved a lively bunch, as they moved about quite a bit, creating an ever changing and vital performance.

As I mentioned at the top however, our time with Møl was destined to be a short one, so while being entertained by their bubble machine, and still wishing to see whether Sternkopf would enter the crowd, as he’s been known to do in the past, or not, we had to take our leave.
Still, better short and sweet than prolonged and boring, which certain other shows later in the festival would prove only too true. next time we’ll see Møl, hopefully they won’t be scheduled at the same time as others.

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