Copenhell - 2018

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

One highly expected show at Copenhell this year was Skindred - alas, they had to cancel their show at the last minute, and instead Copenhell got the Danish black metal band Møl to perform on the allotted slot. Møl had just a few months earlier sent their debut album, Jord, out to the public, and were ready to rock their countrymen. But was Denmark ready for Møl?

Honestly, I’m not sure I was. I’ll tell you this much, I had no idea what I was going into. The sparsely decorated stage was lit in pink and baby-blue neon, as if we were going to an 80ies revival disco, and seeing drummer Ken Klejs hit the stage wearing a similarly coloured 80ies sports jacket didn’t exactly take away from that impression.
Møl’s music did however take me away from it. Far, far away. Call it post, call it shoegaze, call it whatever you will, this was something different than the traditional Norwegian panda black metal. Vocalist Kim Song Sternkopf was an eye magnet with his supernatural stage presence, and he delivered fiery vocals on top of that.

So, I may not have known what to expect, but it seemed others did. At the very least, Møl had attracted a very respectable crowd to the Pandæmonium stage here in the mid-afternoon sun, and people were indeed ready to rock out with the band.
Still, as if incentives were needed, Sternkopf was a consummate crowd-pleaser. He activated the crowd from the stage, and when that wasn’t enough, he went down into the security pit and rocked out in our faces. To top this off, he also crowdsurfed out over the fans, all while still singing.

Now, I’ve written a lot about Sternkopf’s doings during the show, but honestly, we shouldn’t forget about the rest of the band. They weren’t quite as intense as their frontman, but performed with energy and intensity nonetheless.
Honestly, I didn’t really know either Skindred or Møl before the show, but for my enjoyment, I was glad to see the change. Møl proved to be the perfect way to kick the day off, and I’m glad we caught the show.

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