Mike Tramp

Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Some of you may remember Mike Tramp in White Lion, others possibly from Freak Of Nature, all depending on your given age. At the moment what I think he is most known for here in his native country though is his participation in the Danish edition of the reality/talent show Clash Of The Choirs.
Tonight’s show, warming up for Pretty Maids, he was out airing his brand new band though, known as Mike Tramp & The Rock ’N’ Roll Circuz...

The show started off very promising, using The Doors old classic Riders On The Storm as an intro for the band, which took the stage rather anonymously at least compared to what I would have thought they would do. What surprised me the most was that Tramp was not wearing the feather warbonnet he has been seen with on several later time appearances live or on TV (also seen on the cover of the 2009 album Mike Tramp & The Rock ’N’ Roll Circuz).
Tramp mentioned early on that all through his long career, he had as of yet never played on Amager and that he was delighted to finally do so; after this crowd-pleasing comment he quickly managed to alienate parts of the audience again by mentioning that he was glad to see such a mature audience which had known rock ’n’ roll from the very beginning instead of a bunch of teenagers who had only recently become fans. Taking a quick look around me revealed that even though it was true that the general concert goer this night was far older than what I am used to seeing, there were also several younger people (just next to me stood a 19 year old girl and her similarly aged boyfriend) and I’m guessing this wasn’t really the sort of comment which got them hooked on the show.
Tramp continued commenting on the age of the audience however, giving it the blame/excuse for the lack of action during the songs; he was right about the fact that there were no moshpits or anything of the kind going on, simple nodding to the beat was the most the band got out of its audience, but if it truly was because of the age I would like to hear the explanation for the much more intense experience we got when Pretty Maids took the stage later on...

Well, no matter how the audience acted, the band still managed to look like they enjoyed themselves quite a bit up on the stage, and it soon became apparent that the members Tramp had collected around him were all a troupe of happy little posers. Especially guitarist Søren Andersen (who in my opinion wore an uncanny resemblance to a young version of Ronnie Atkins from Pretty Maids) was often seen enticing the crowd before him with intense playing and an active performance.
The band was actually playing around quite a lot with each other, and even though this playfulness never really reached across the edge of the stage, one must give the band some credit for giving it a good try.
So what went wrong?
Well, apart from Tramp’s sometimes ill chosen comments (he also made several ones which did not offend any particular group I should remember to add), I’m afraid the biggest problem was the fact that what he often gladly referred to as rock ’n’ roll was a rather bland, yes even downright dull, experience most of the time. The music of the band simply didn’t do the wished for job of initiating any form of feeling in the audience...

The show was not a complete disaster, the good performance of the band made sure it stayed far away from that, but the music at the same time made sure this was not something that would be remembered for long. The only thing which really stuck with me was the term rock ’n’ roll, a word so often used by Tramp on stage that he finally promised away a free CD to anyone who had counted how many times it was used during the evening...

Mike Tramp

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