Metallica Jam

Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Once again, the tradition of Metallica Jam rocking the house at Amager Bio for J-Day held true, only this day they had had two bands before them; Amorphis and Orphaned Land who were out on the Forging Europe tour. An altogether great musical night, in other words…

”Welcome back here on the 8th or 9th time for J-Day!”
- Ivan Grosmeyer (vocals)

A quick amazement came when standing on the frontline in the beginning of the concert and I looked around me; the room seemed just as filled as it had been for Amorphis, maybe even a little bit more, but I didn’t recognize any of the faces around me. It was as though the entire crowd had changed, without losing its size! The most probable reason was that since the Amorphis / Orphaned Land show had only recently moved out here and been combined with Metallica Jam’s concert, those who had come for the former and stood in the front before had now moved back, thus making place for those who had come for the latter…
Whatever the reason may have been though, everyone in the hall was given a splendid show from people who know how to put the P in performance. The entire mid- to back-end of the stage was taken up by a big gleaming metal construction with the drums mounted on top and a wide staircase for the rest of the band to use as they like. Ok, so it was a little smaller than last year, the catwalk was missing, but the band still had plenty of room to fool around on. Which they did.
Actually, they are all good to watch on stage, with a nice presence and not too serious attitude. I especially noticed Kræn Meier (guitars) looking extremely focused for the most of the time, but once in a while he was unable to hold it in, and just broke out in a big old smile!

Compared to last years’ J-Day fest, the crowd felt much more, well, crowded, and this even with the extra floor-space generated by the removal of the catwalk, so I’m guessing there were a lot more people here this night, and that was clearly reflected in the action in the hall. Everyone was ready and good to go already from the first few bars of The Ecstasy Of Gold, and the party didn’t ease up until the last tone of Whiskey In The Jar had rung out and the echo died completely away.

So, the band was good, and the crowd even better. Could there be a problem here?
Well, yes.
The show as a whole did not quite live up to the expectations set the last time around. Last year there had been guest musicians, and even Santa himself had dropped by at one point. This year there were only the band-members themselves, and no matter how well they performed, it still felt a bit stripped compared to last time. Now, if I choose to only look at the here and now, the performance was great, but as this is an ongoing tradition, it does feel odd that things would take this direction.
Also I do believe that the setlist could have been made a little shorter for a better result. On the other hand, maybe I’m just being silly, I mean, how often can you complain about a good band playing too much?
Oh, and on the subject of the setlist; while applauding their choice of albums from which they picked the music, it could have been nice if they would have thrown some less obvious choices in there, especially considering the aforementioned length. Something like Escape or Damage, Inc. would have been nice.

Now, this may all sound very negative, but truth be told, Metallica Jam played a great show with only minor, negligible flaws, and I look forward to seeing what they cook up for next year.


The Ecstasy Of Gold (Ennio Morricone song)
Fuel (Metallica cover)
Creeping Death (Metallica cover)
Motorbreath (Metallica cover)
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Metallica cover)
Through The Never (Metallica cover)
Wherever I May Roam (Metallica cover)
Sad But True (Metallica cover)
Fade To Black (Metallica cover)
Master Of Puppets (Metallica cover)
Disposable Heroes (Metallica cover)
Seek & Destroy (Metallica cover)
One (Metallica cover)
The Memory Remains (Metallica cover)
Orion (Metallica cover)
Battery (Metallica cover)
Blackened (Metallica cover)
Enter Sandman (Metallica cover)
Whiskey In The Jar (Irish traditional)

Metallica Jam

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