Magic Circle Festival - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

“For all of you, for us, and for the lifestyle called faster, louder, Metalforce!”
- Tarek Maghary (vocals)

Metalforce was the first band for us at this year’s Magic Circle Festival, a festival ultimately all about Manowar.
If it was because of this, or just that Metalforce are big fans of the band I do not know, but the intro they played could easily be sung along to by incorporating the lyrics “From a battle I’ve come, to a battle I ride” taken from The Crown And The Ring by the band in question…

Well, no surprise there really, as much of the bands material can be easily recognized as something Manowar wrote several years ago (and let us be fair, still write today…), but I guess this is why they get along so well, and attract many of the same fans.
This made it a bit odd to see that not very many had shown up for the gig though, and even though there were at least as many hiding in the shadow out to the side, as there were in front of the stage, daring the burning sun, the attendance was still far from satisfactory. Those who had shown up were energetic enough however, and when the guards began pumping water out through a hose, more and more came up to the front, waving their arms in the air and rocking along to the gig. They were also quick to pick up on sing-along’s for old Majesty songs like Sword And Sorcery and the like.

The day wasn’t all about metal however, as it was also time for the final match of the football world championship; and this was celebrated especially by guitarist Tristan Visser, who mentioned that Holland (who was fighting for first place) was his team. Some way into the set, he even left the stage shortly, only to return moments later in an orange rain-coat, showing of the Dutch team colour. The crowd didn’t really pick up on this at first, but he seemed really glad anyway…
Of course, their newly recorded and freely distributed anthem for the championships, On Your Way, was a given part of the setlist and a nice way to round of this part of the set.

There are many things that could be said in a less than positive tone about Metalforce, like their complete and utter lack of originality, or asking what the point is with a full set of microphones across the stage, when all backing vocals were played from a pre-recorded track, but on the other hand, I have to hand it to them that they were mighty brave to defy the weather-gods by wearing all that leather and fake armour, despite this being among the warmest days of something like forever!
Well, they seemed glad, and they did their thing, but I don’t think this will ever be something that catches on with me...

Setlist (incomplete):

Freedom Warriors
Faster, Louder, METALFORCE
Into The Stadiums (Majesty cover)
On Your Way (Majesty cover)
We Are The Fire
Sword And Sorcery (Majesty cover)
Metal Law (Majesty cover)

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